UnwokenSpirit UnwokenSpirit 23 April 2010

Armies of the World

  • 1 North Korea's Nukes
  • 2 WWII Russia
  • 3 USA's War on Terrorism
  • 4 WWII France
  • 5 WWII Germany
  • 6 WWII Japan
  • 7 WWII Britain
  • 8 Russia Invades Georgia

[build prof=Mes/War][Mistrust][Air of Superiority][Illusionary Weaponry][Sum of All Fears]["Fear Me!"]["I Am Unstoppable!"][Radiation Field]["I Meant to Do That!"][/build]

[build prof=War/?]["Retreat!"][Endure Pain][Defy Pain]["I Will Survive!"][Counterattack][Frenzy][Frenzy][Frenzy][/build]

[build prof=Para/Ele][Mind Shock][Leader's Comfort][Inspirational Speech][Meteor Shower][Meteor Shower][Meteor Shower]["Never Give Up!"]["Stand Your Ground!"][/build]

[build prof=mes/para]["Fall Back!"]["Help Me!"][Panic]["Help Me!"][blackout]["Help Me!"][Frustration][Cry of Frustration][/build]

[build prof=rit/any][Vengeful Was Kh…

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UnwokenSpirit UnwokenSpirit 22 April 2010

My Dream Team

This build uses a Body Block with 6 Spirits and volley to quickly deliver damage. The volleys carry Sight Beyond Sight to prevent blind. Each of the three volleys have Great Dwarf Weapon thus leading to multiple Knock Downs. The Communing Protection also carries Earthbind to increase Knock Down duration at the same time supplying an umbrella of protection. The 3 second Knock Downs, Body Block, Communing Protection, and two "YMLD" help prevent foes from reaching the BiP Nec.

Key concepts:

  • Low Maintenance for Attackers
  • Spirits are mobile and quick to replace
  • Volleys maintains Spirit's Strength only once every 70 seconds and one spirit or ward.
  • No need to reapply weapon spells, preparations, multiple enchantments, cast hexes, etc.
  • Attack buff "I am…

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UnwokenSpirit UnwokenSpirit 16 April 2010

EMO Infuse Variant

[build prof=Elemental/Monk Energy=12+1+3 Protection=12 Healing=3][Infuse Health][Glyph of swiftness@0][Ether Renewal][Aura of Restoration][Protective Spirit][Shield Guardian][Protective Bond][Resurrection Chant][/build]

  • Keep up Ether and Aura
  • Use Aegis as soon as your team aggros
  • Spam Protective, Guardian and Spirit Bond

  • High Healing prayers isn't needed for infuse to be effective
  • Shield Guardian and Protective Spirit allows not only for protection, but also for HP and Energy regain
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UnwokenSpirit UnwokenSpirit 16 April 2010

RA Xinrae Rt

[build prof=Ritualist/Warrior Restoration=12+1+2 Tactics=12 Spawning=3][Xinrae's Weapon][Vengeful Weapon][Wielder's Boon][Soothing Memories][optional][optional][Riposte][Balanced stance][/build]

  • Xinrae's Weapon
  • Weapon of Remedy
Optional 1:
  • Generous Was Tsungrai
  • Protective Was Kaolai
  • Blind Was Mingson
  • Desperation Blow
  • Rez Skill
  • Mending Grip

[build prof=Ritualist/Warrior Restoration=12+1+2 Tactics=12 Spawning=3][Weapon of Remedy][Vengeful Weapon][Wielder's Boon][Soothing Memories][Generous Was Tsungrai][Shield Bash][Riposte][Balanced stance][/build]

Make sure not to overwrite weapon spells.
Use Balanced Stance when a Sin or War is charging at you.
If Desperation blow is equipped, use it while you have balanced stance.
Keep up protective w…

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UnwokenSpirit UnwokenSpirit 15 April 2010

Dual Rt/R

  • 1 Rit Ranger Spirits
    • 1.1 Equipment
    • 1.2 Usage
    • 1.3 Counters
  • 2 Rit Ranger Ward
    • 2.1 Equipment
    • 2.2 Usage
    • 2.3 Counters

[build prof=Ritualist/Ranger Spawning=12+1+3 Marks=10 Wilderness=8][Volley][Triple Shot (luxon)][Spirit's Strength][Great Dwarf Weapon][Signet of Creation][Favorable Winds][Brambles][Summon Spirits (luxon)][/build]

  • Vamp Bow with 15^50
  • Suggested to bring a weapon with +20% Ench

  • Maintain Spirit's Strength on Self
  • Maintain Dwarf Weapon on partner
  • Keep Spirits active and move them with Summon Spirits

  • Taking too much damage
  • Anti melee

[build prof=Ritualist/Ranger Spawning=11+1+3 Marks=10 Channeling=10+1][Volley][Triple Shot (luxon)][Spirit's Strength][Great Dwarf Weapon][Optional][Essence Strike][Spirit Siphon][Ebon Battle Standard of Honor][/build]


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