Alright, I've been speedbooking for the past 4 hours now, practicing the quest "A Time For Heroes" in hard mode, and I've gotten tired.

Below is everything that i've noted while practicing, and ofcourse I'll jot down more notes later.

The Assassin Armor needed to speed book should only cost a specific amount if you've already gotten the raptor farming armor. I always buy separate armor for farming for my sin, b/c i don't expect to run storyline missions in anything that I use for farming. I found that merely buying an extra leg armor, and adjusting it with a radiant insignia with the proper rune is all you need for adjusting from raptor farming to running Against the Charr, and Curse of the Norn Bear. I've also found that using the totem Axe and Earth off hand is your best bet for maintaining enchantments during the mission.

So in all the armor cost me 6k, 225 bolts of cloth, and 36 Leather Squares.

The build for Against the Charr is bogus. It just doesn't work, b/c you run out of HP to quickly when you reach the boss. Replacing the last skill with Shadow refuge makes it acceptable though.

The Main problem with the builds for speedbooking here on pvx is that they don't tell you exactly how to build the armor for any of the missions. So I'll make it clear. By looking at the Build, you can tell what superior runes you need (except in a time for heroes where you need a total of five) the rest of the slots should be radiant/attunement. This covers any energy conservation issues you may need.

The hero set up for A time for heroes requires Radiant/Attunement, b/c they need as much energy as possible before you begin. I find with just a few runes and insignias things work just fine.

Now for the runs:

A Time for heroes: Flag your heroes outside the lava, have them cast the enchants on you, and then cast your dervish enchantments before running in. Keep your dervish enchantments up as you run to, and fight the boss, using You move like a dwarf when he casts lava wave. It is imperative you use that skill to interupt him or you WILL die. I've finished this quest in as little as 3 minutes.

Against the Charr: Run for the helmet Then head south past the bridge, then head east past the rez shrine to the fortress, making sure to maintain shadow form along the way. Head into the Fortress, and when you get close enough shadowstep to the boss. This is not nessasary but saves time. maintain death's charge, and run your silver armor rotation to finish the boss. Run time is approximatly 8-10 minutes so far.