This build uses the Ranger's Pet Capabilities to shadow step to a foe, and inflict multiple conditions almost instantly. Designed for PvP in Fort Aspenwood Mostly, Adapted to PvE for general condition spreading.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build name="r/n oppresive pet build" prof=range/necro beastm=12+1+2 expert=9+1 bloodm=9][strike as one][scavenger strike][predators pounce][oppressive gaze][savage pounce][optional][run as one][comfort animal][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Suggest a few optional skill(s) if you included an Optional slot in the skill bar.



  • Beastmaster's Insignias, Vitae and Max Vigor you can afford.


  • Any Blood Staff Requires 9 a good green is Vanahk's Staff


Use Run as One to target for, use Strike as One and Scavenger's Strike, wait for conditions from Strike as One then cast Oppressive Gaze. Use Predator's Pounce and Comfort Animal to Keep up health, Savage Pounce for interrupt.


blocks, Misses, Casting pet attacks too fast.


  • Add Feral Aggression.jpg to increase pet attack speed and add more damage.