Hi there!

I'm Alaglaesia, and I joined PvXWiki today. I'm a portuguese player of Guild Wars who wants to contribute a little to this huge database of builds with my own creations. I'm a newbie not only in this particular wiki, but in all the wikis. Therefore, I hope I can learn a lot more about editing techniques with time... but for now, I have already created 2 simple builds in my user page, both for FA: one for rangers and other for ritualists. Feel free to add positive or negative coments on my builds, as long as they are constructive. I don't mind if you edit my builds, and would even appreciate it if you made them more powerful and difficult to beat!

Now a little bit about me...

I am a PvX player... I love the rush and frenzy of Factions PvP, but not the snobbish people of HA. I also love gaining titles, weapons and armor but hate runners and gold sellers.

I have been playing NF for more than a year, but I only got Proph, Factions and EotN about half a year ago. I have already beaten NF, Factions and EotN, but I still have much to do in Prophecies (I'm in Crystal Desert atm)... Somehow I don't think Prophecies' storyline is as catchy as the others, and I think its missions are just too long and the bonuses are too difficult to attain/understand. But I really like the fact of the "shared" storyline between Prophecies and Nightfall, Prophecies and EotN and that reference of Shiro in NF.

So, basically, I would say: NF > EotN > Factions > Prophecies (imo)

I already am a Legendary Spearmarshal and a Protector of Elona. Trying to be Protector of Cantha, Saviour of the Kurzicks (level 8 atm), Guardian of Elona/Cantha, Elonian Skill Hunter and Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer... there's still hope. :)

I'm a casual player, so it's difficult to me to accomplish everything I want... I try to do all the Zaishen Quests I can, though, and take advantage of each weekend's bonuses as much as possible (FA, here I come!).

Well, that's all for now. I hope I can come up with more (brilliant) ideas for builds one of these days...

See you around, Alaglaesia