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  • Four of the worlds greatest GW characters! (click on them to read about them)
Df Custummapper Grinding Steel Brb House On Fire Der Teufel Damon

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The Phobia of the Day is Consecotaleophobia. - The fear of chopsticks. (Suggest one of your own many phobias here!)

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Your lucky number is 32345543423225. Watch for it everywhere.

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Sneakysmith12's Joke (or Murphy's Law) of the Day

Two Antartians were walking down the street. One stops and says, "Oh my god!!! A dead bird." The other looks up and says, "Were, were?"

If anyone has any jokes they would like to suggest, please post them here.

Frosty's Pew Pew Codex Build of the Day


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  • Took the characters idea from Lord of Destruction
  • Took some of my boxes from other random people but can't remember who...
  • Took the floaty box from Infidel
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