Would have posted vandal builds but posers and tools came by and ruined my fun. See you all (actually important people on this wiki) on Curse. Vincent Evan [Air Henchman] Vincels.jpg 19:19, October 29, 2010 (UTC) edit

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Vincent's Assassin Build of the Month
Shattering Assault
Golden Fox Strike Wild Strike Shattering Assault Impale Assassin's Remedy Critical Eye Dash Resurrection Signet

The Shattering Assassin utilizes the elite dual attack Shattering Assault and fast-recharging lead and offhand attacks to remove enchantments quickly and repeatedly while putting pressure on enemy monks.

Tab's Euro Tactic of the Month
Sending a Burning Arrow Ranger to gank
Burning Arrow Distracting Shot Savage Shot Apply Poison Natural Stride Mending Touch Troll Unguent Resurrection Signet

Often when euro guilds are getting rolled, their response is to turtle until VoD and send their terrible BA ranger to attempt to gank their entire base solo. Unfortunately, this rarely works as the ranger normally gets soloed by the NPCs.


Spell Breaker Blood Is Power Shadow Form Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Primal Rage Mind Blast Crippling Shot Zealous Benediction Optional Optional Optional Optional
Destructive Was Glaive Spirit Rift Splinter Weapon Resilient Weapon Wielder's Boon Soothing Memories Life Dash
Offering of Blood Strip Enchantment Resilient Weapon Weapon of Warding Weapon of Shadow Protective Was Kaolai Life Flesh of My Flesh
Jagged Strike Fox Fangs Death Blossom Critical Eye "Fear Me!" Soldier's Stance Dwarven Stability Optional
Eviscerate Cruel Spear Empathic Removal Mirror of Ice Mind Shock Restore Condition Word of Healing Icy Shackles
Caretaker's Charge Weapon of Warding Resilient Weapon Protective Was Kaolai Spirit Siphon Life Optional Death Pact Signet
Ritual Lord Life Rejuvenation Weapon of Warding Resilient Weapon Protective Was Kaolai Death Pact Signet Optional
"Coward!" Mind Blast Energy Surge Word of Healing Optional Optional Optional Optional
Optional Blurred Vision Shard Storm Ice Spikes Maelstrom Glyph of Lesser Energy Water Attunement "Fall Back!"
Optional Optional Shared Burden Psychic Instability Spiteful Spirit Divert Hexes Signet of Spirits Ether Renewal
Backbreaker Backbreaker Earth Shaker Infuriating Heat Soul Twisting Peace and Harmony Ether Prism Ether Prism


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Vincent Welcome.png
Hey Vincent E V A N, welcome to PvX!
Hey Vincent E V A N, welcome to PvX!

Have you posted any of your epic builds yet?
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Have fun and stay safe!

Vincent E V A N

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