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This is Undergunned's userpage.

He fails at gw PvP

He fails at gw PvE

why dosen't he uninstall you ask? so does he...

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A while ago, a worldwide survey was conducted by the UN. The only question asked was: "Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world?"

The survey was a huge failure...

In Africa most didn't know what "food" meant.

In Eastern Europe most didn't know what "honest" meant.

In Western Europe most didn't know what "shortage" meant.

In China most didn't know what "opinion" meant.

In the Middle East most didn't know what "solution" meant.

In South America most didn't know what "please" meant.

And in the USA most didn't know what "the rest of the world" meant.

www.freerice.com Educate yourselves, and feed billions of poor people through the WFP.

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3 This user plays Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall.

E This user plays the Expansion, Guild Wars Eye of the North.

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Under My Influence: Is a mesmer I made for srs beans pvp (since you know, its NEVER the midline's fault when the blame game starts) Under the Unfluence: Random pvp rolls, mostly for ra/codex/jade/ab <---in that order... Under Blunder: RA Gladpoint monkey, only pvp character I've ever had that made it a whole year w/o getting deleted. Under My Protz: Imbagon, not used much. Underfeatable One: My one billionth war roll. Is an nf native, and has yet to get off noob island. Under Farmer: Is a ranger, is even older than barrage pet. Grey Deciever: Is a 600 smite machine Spring Jack: because permaforms were/are the rage. Frosty Shoes: is a necro, is pvp, isn't played often