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Hey I'm Thom, a 18 year old student from the glorious nation of Belgium. I'm one of the last ppl that actually plays Guild Wars here on PvX, I mainly play general PvE,HA and the occasional GvG, I am an ex Rawr member, which I left cause they're a bunch of a-holes. I'm trying to contribute to PvX in a positive manner and, other than a lot of other ppl around here, am not trying to offend anyone. Thank you.

Builds I contributed to


Chars n Stuff



21/05 Anet decides to overbuff mesmers, so meta is being overflowed with new mesmer builds, GG Anet. They also nerf SW, kinda.
7/03: Stole current layout from Athrun Feya, hope she doesn't mind :o, anyway thanks!
25/02: Anet starts the c-space physical shittery again with the new Dwarven Battle Stance, they also keep Obsidian flesh very strong while SF now fails(yes it does!), in PvP they nerfed BB sins and SA rangers and overbuff Seeping Wound so now pvp is overrun with them. <3
22/10: Hero battles and Team arenas are removed from the game, they get replaced with... Codex Arenas which would soon prove to be even worse...
4/08: Thom joins PvXwiki, a place abandoned by all Gods