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"Im just here to look pretty"

I always loved paragons so i made one and got her obby armor, she is my first character with obby and currently the only one. She also is the character i have the most fun HMing with even though my title whore is my warrior. So if it isnt something my warrior needs i play my paragon if at all possible.

Red thumbs down.png Prophecies
Red thumbs down.png Factions
Green thumbs up.png Nightfall
Green thumbs up.png EoTN
Equipment Titles
  • Ornate Spear
  • Draconic Aegis
  • R7 Kurz
  • R8 Luxon
  • R2 Glad
  • R5 Hero
  • R2 Treasure Hunter
  • R9 SS
  • R8 LB
  • R2 Zaishen
  • R5 Delver
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