On Your Knees!.jpg This user is Swiftslash's bitch.

^ I will always be Swifty's bitch. :3

My Builds
TA Physical Balanced (Great)

I know there's another Nova, but SCREW HIM (j/k lol :3), I've had the name Nova since 2001. >:|
I'm a member of Zealots of Shiverpeak, so if you see me in PvP, feel free to gank me - everyone else does. -_-;
My favourite profession is Warrior, but I also run Elementalist or Monk in HA. HA is my favourite form of PvP but I also do a lot of Arenas and PvE.

My characters:

  • Nova The Hedgehog
  • Nova Hates Pve
  • Nova Ketsueki
  • Elemental Alchemy
  • Khazir The Exiled
  • Nova Goes Banker
  • Tidus Escaflowne

(Consistent PvP names)

  • Put The Pro In Prot (Leet PvP Monk with Kurzick leggings)
  • Nova Says Q Q Moar
  • Saren Is My Homeboy

Swiftslash's Skill Buff of the Week

Archer's Signet Archer's Signet - All your non-attack skills are disabled for 15...9 seconds. For 30 seconds, your next 1...6 bow attacks cost no Energy.

Suggestion: Move to Marksmanship or Wilderness Survival. Lower recharge to 20 seconds.

Comment: Makes more sense when it's not in Expertise. Could see play with Concussion Shot.

If anyone has any skill buffs they would like to suggest, please post them here.

Dragon Slash.jpg This user's favourite skill is Dragon Slash.
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