• This is my Hidey Hole. I come here when Im running from the law.
  • Oh yeah, by the way, its a democratic hidey hole. Who knows what that means.


  • Hidey Hole has an open spot. get it while its hot.
  • There is a Hidey Hole Userbox, just ask me if you want it.

Hidey Hole

  • Leave your name if you are using my hidey hole. Only seven allowed at a time (it gets cramped in here)
  • Nobody will ever find me here! BelgianbroncoBelgianbroncoMesmerSig.png
  • I commited insurance fraud. To the Hidey Hole!--Theupstandingbob
  • —ǥrɩɳsɧƿoɲShield of Deflection.jpg 05:07, 3 September 2007 (CEST)
  • Ichigo724Ichigo-signature.jpg 05:14, 3 September 2007 (CEST)
  • Sounds intriguing! Is it dark, moist, and full of happiness? Readem (talk*pvxcontribs) 05:15, 3 September 2007 (CEST)
  • I want in, I'm a drunk, RL vandal and a druggie. Good enough excuse for being here? User:Napalm FlameNapalm Flame 05:21, 3 September 2007 (CEST)
  • I've been accused of thievery, whatever shall I do! Defiant Elements Sig Test 2.JPG *Defiant Elements* +talk 05:55, 3 September 2007 (CEST)
  • I deal too much pot. And bootleg oreo cookies.Dark0805|Rant 06:15, 3 September 2007 (CEST)
  • єяøהħ
  • Shame is an Underpants Gnome SpaceBiscuit 06:28, 28 October 2007 (CET)
  • Underpants Gnomes are fun...hehe, hehe 08:31, 4 September 2007 (CEST)

VIP Porno and Pancakes (no syrup) Lounge

  • title says it all. no syrup. i don't want my lounge getting sticky....add more spots if the loung gets full
  • One hopes lube is still allowed.Darksig.JPG 18:15, 12 September 2007 (CEST)

Trashpit Bunkbed Of Awsome Sauceness

  • Top Bunk
  • If i hear teh rocking and rolling beneath me i will beat you down.Darksig.JPG 18:15, 12 September 2007 (CEST)
  • Bottom Bunk
  • Under Teh Bed

VIP Hidey Hole Members

  • VIP members get permanent hidey hole spots. I determine who is a VIP member.

Waiting For a Spot

  • Put your name here if your waiting for a spot.
  • I IS WAITZORZ! Iwan13talk 11:11, 3 September 2007 (CEST)
  • I is teh second waitzorz! :D --Hellbringer 00:15, 6 September 2007 (CEST)
  • I is teh tertiary waitzorz! (dont kno what tertiary means? LOOK IT UP!!!) ~ ʑʌɱʌɳəəɺɨɳɳZealot's Fire.jpg(contribs) 23:02, 30 September 2007 (CEST)
  • i want a fucking spot. plz. Frenzy.jpgPunjab 23:07, 30 September 2007 (CEST)

Waiting For a Waiting Spot

  • Ummm. Go here if your waiting for a waiting spot.
  • I eat scrambled children eggs for breakfast. — Hyperion` // talk 01:59, 25 September 2007 (CEST)
  • Elephants like peanuts.--ViYsig5.jpgVictory (talk/pvxcontribs) 05:51, 25 November 2007 (CET)
  • Dogs. Viet (talk*pvxcontribs) 05:49, 25 November 2007 (CET)
  • Ok. I'm coming in here. Kind of small, comfy, (howerver you spell comfy :)) but small. And im also coming in here for running away from evil people who dont like my builds and give them bad ratings. Also, TURTLES. That is all.FireTocksig2.jpgFireTock 05:39, 25 November 2007 (CET)
  • I has teh leet skillz. I getz in na0 rite? Btw, if I has threws ball, cn I hash teh c0okie del 1337? (Leave a comment in meh talk page of DO0M if you canz read dis.) Oblivions Heart 21:17, 29 December 2007 (EST)
  • The Comrades are after me, ill just hide here till the heat is off--7h3n00b p0l1c3Badge.jpg [5p34k5 1337!] 09:38, 11 June 2008 (EDT)
  • the bony horses, the ghosts, the mad mad king - sooo scary need to hide. bleh, any excuse to trip on absinthe SpaceBiscuit 19:54, 26 October 2007 (CEST)

The Garbage Place

  • In the bottom of my hole, there is a place for garbage. Try not to go here.
  • Urinal
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