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The internet is a fucktard.

In Guild Wars, I play PvE and arenas. I'd like to get into GvG, but I've never had the chance to get into it seriously. I'm a pretty good ranger anywhere, so if you ever need one, don't hesitate to ask me along, and I'll do my best. I am Kind of a Big Deal on my Ranger, and I farm a shitton on my sin. I'm a mostly-afk officer in TIGK, part of the TIG alliance.

My main contributions to PvX:
Guide:Generic Utility Ranger
Guide:PvE Metagame, Template:PvE-Meta, Category:Meta PvE Builds
Build:Mo/Me Lyssa's Aura Smiter
A lot of work on Build:Team - Underworld Speed Clear
Some bad AB theorycrafts
and lots of other random shizzle.

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