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Hey, I'm StarSeeker, also known as Shinoda on the GuildWiki. If you ever see someone walking around with Starseeker in his name, its probably me. Known as an Assassin and Ranger player, I enjoy thinking up weird and innovative builds. Just got to make them work. Picking up on Mesmer lately, just got to polish my interrupting, planning and cycling targets some more. I've monked too much, I lost my Ranger reflexes. D:

  • IGN: Shinoda Starseeker
  • (Current) favourite skills:

My stuff

Vetted builds
Got three great builds, rest got either archived or trashed. Mind you, I got a LOT more trashed builds than vetted ones.
Build:N/any WoD Curses
Wail of Doom Faintheartedness Defile Defenses Foul Feast Plague Sending Rend Enchantments Optional Resurrection Signet

Heavily changed due to nerfs/buffs, thanks everyone who did that. Check the history for the first version.

Build:R/P Enraged Spearchucker
Merciless Spear Enraged Lunge Optional Call of Haste Otyugh's Cry Comfort Animal Charm Animal Resurrection Signet

Obviously ganked and made how it should be.

Build:Team - TA Soul Bind Hexes
Eviscerate Shock Soul Bind Shield Bash Wail of Doom Grasping Earth Word of Healing Shield Bash

Hexes are win.

Build ideas
Some random ideas, some are rather gimmicky. Feel free to discuss on my talk.
Warrior Blindbot ftw
Dismember Power Attack Blinding Flash Frenzy Rush Warrior's Endurance Conjure Lightning Resurrection Signet

Never mind.

Freezing Gust Blurred Vision Blinding Flash Glowing Ice Strength of Honor Master of Magic Water Attunement Resurrection Signet

lolwut? MoM is kinda iffy, since it welcomes you to use spells from multiple elements... But that won't work with your energy managment, since using GolE cancels MoM. Still looking for the best combination. Maybe dropping the bonds idea entirely is the best idea. That way the +2 pips might make up for no GoLE/Attune.

Mark of Instability Iron Palm Black Spider Strike Twisting Fangs Signet of Toxic Shock Way of the Empty Palm Dark Prison Dash

My twisted take at a Deadly Arts assassin.

Good ol' Deadly Arts spike, without DA
Beguiling Haze Iron Palm Pious Fury Falling Lotus Strike Falling Spider Pious Assault Blades of Steel Resurrection Signet

Actually deadly, one man, spiking power again. Pretty clumsy chain though. I'd rather bring "Find Their Weakness!", but you'll either need an IAS or an other dagger attack instead of FS in that case.

Mark of Insecurity Assassin split
Mark of Insecurity Black Mantis Thrust Jungle Strike Trampling Ox Impale Restful Breeze Mending Touch Dash
Shadow Prison Iron Palm Falling Spider Vampiric Assault Impale Signet of Toxic Shock Rigor Mortis Dash

Little play on the standard assassin split. Requires close coordination:

  • Against NPCs, the first asssassin hexes with MoI. Both rush in with Dash, first assassin starts combo, second assassin kicks in with FS during Trampling's knockdown. Alternate Impale. The combo has low cooldown, and decimates NPCs.
  • Against base defenders: both rush in with Dash, first assassin hexes with MoI. Consider waiting 'till important enchantments or stances have ended due to MoI. Rigor Mortis in case the target blocks. Both assassins fire off combo, wait with Trampling 'till the knockdown from Palm has ended. Also works on flagrunners.

Use Restful Breeze and Touch on both sins as needed. Cooldown for NPC's is 10 seconds, for defenders probably about 20. This gives you a resillient, fast killing and hard to counter split.


Wastrel's Collapse Iron Palm Falling Spider Vampiric Assault Signet of Toxic Shock Impale Optional Dash

Minimize downtime, maximize kills. Start chain with either Palm or WC. GvG only, or switch out Dash for Res for arena use. Optional for any fast condition inducing skill (or hex), with a nice side effect; eg Rip Enchantment, Aura of Thorns, Crippling Dagger, Augury of Death, Shadow Fang or any condition dealing spear attack.

This stuff makes my eyes watery.
Sweet, sweet RA prince
Ancestor's Rage Warmonger's Weapon Mend Body and Soul Spirit Transfer Offering of Spirit Weapon of Warding Bloodsong Resurrection Signet

I farmed quite some faction and glad points with this. Not entirely dead, but the Warmonger's nerf sure hurts it.

Glowing Ice Shard Storm Blurred Vision Glyph of Immolation Steam Mantra of Recovery Water Attunement Resurrection Signet

Killed due to Glowing Ice nerf. It got into Great... But hell. Was damn fun.

Emo Flag Runner
Ether Prodigy Ice Spikes Holy Veil Storm Djinn's Haste Heal Party Extinguish Glyph of Sacrifice Resurrection Chant

I miss it :'\ YEEEESSS!!

Ether Prodigy.jpg This user celebrates the revival of the Emos
Good links
Some WIPs, some archived stuff, some funny things.
Old skool iz gud skool.
Super Vengeanceway.
Work in progress.
Got to test this and think it over.
Saving this for God's sake.



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