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  • Build:N/any Ravenous Spiker
  • Build:W/Mo KD Hammer Farmer
  • Build:A/E Conjure Moebius
  • Build:Team - Minion Factory Revisited
  • Build:A/R Promise Assassin PvE
  • Build:R/D Rapid Onslaught
  • Build:R/E HM Reed Stalker Solo
  • Build:W/R Symbolic Swordsman
  • Build:Team - Warrior Way

Sneakysmith12's Joke (or Murphy's Law) of the Day

Oxymoron: Government Worker

If anyone has any jokes they would like to suggest, please post them here.

Special people in the wiki who are if anything more understanding than most :D

  1. Defiant Elements
  2. Eronth
  3. Shireen - And no... your self proclaimed jerk title does not make you a jerk :P

My next build idea (place comments here.)

<pvxbig> [build prof=E/Me Air=12+1+3 Energy=12+1 Inspiration=3][Air Attunement][Arcane Echo][Lightning Orb] [Echo][Blinding Flash][Optional][Optional][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>

Designed for RA, if you go to AB take Windborne Speed

  • Usage:
    • Three Lightning Orbs are used for massive spiking.
      • Lightning Orb is a projectile, so you are limited by barriers such as walls.