Contributions Build: Me/N Caster's Migraine

Spirit Spamming box modded from Blade

Thanks to Defiant Elements and Blade for helping me through my baby stages of being on GuildWiki !! But I seriously still am in my baby stages ^.^

User Boxes

Feigned Neutrality.jpg But... but.... but... I'm not paranoid, they really ARE out to get me!
Me This user is always right, deal with it.
Panic.jpg This user is stressed out *sigh*
Psychic Instability.jpg This user is obviously in Denial
Healing Touch.jpg This user is NOT our spelling mistake corrector.
You're/Ur This user actually believes in a thing called grammar.
Me>You This user is better than you.
24/7 This user lives on GuildWiki AND Guildwars.
RL This user has no life.
GW:AD This user aspires to being a Guild Wiki Admin.
xD This user is being oppressed by userboxes.
:/ This user is not optimistic about new builds.
;) This user knows all and sees all.
GW≠GW This user is more interested in GuildWiki then Guild Wars
Build Wipe This user loves builds but realizes that the Build Wipe is necessary
PvP Skillz Compared to this user, everyone else is just a "flaming noob" ;)
Guild This user is looking for a HA, GvG, etc guild
Tea.jpg This user loves Tea, and thinks coffee sucks.
Necromancer-icon.png This user is a Necromancer by nature.
Shadow Sin This user is the original Shadow Sin but User: Shadowsin is my homie
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