This is a list of active users before the move to curse.com and common terms that probably won't be used on this site ever again.

PvXwiki - A build wiki for Guildwars despised by many players for being a place for "elitism and unoriginality". You will find the users to be temperamental or close to hostile. Do not submit a build here if you have been playing Guild Wars for a week, it will be deleted. The PvP section is pretty much complete and the only builds added to it will be after updates and meta changes. The PvE section is more flexible since all the shitters contribute there, you can try your luck at a team build. Unless you know what you're doing, you shouldn't try contributing any build to the wiki, it's ~4 years old and most of the builds have been thought of. Expect any new builds to be scrutinized critically and without mercy, chances are someone has thought of it already and it's either been vetted or trashed.


  • autist - Someone who blatantly displays ignorance or common sense about the game and possesses the inability to communicate or listen to people because they have the mind of a prepubescent girl; a dumbass.
  • pos - Inside joke that I still don't understand, usually used to communicate without outsiders understanding or to mock people; a few users try to emulate it to poor effect. It consists of taking the first letter of each word to form a word. An example is "csg", which translates to "crow so good". Pos also means "piece of shit".
  • ^_^ - Usually translates to "happiness," used to indicate lightheartedness in the comment.
  • admin - The people who run the wiki. Usually they are red herrings for new users to yell at and blame if they get butthurt.
  • butthurt - Occurs when a user gets emotionally attached to the internet. Another user must then come along with a hacksaw to separate him. Although this can be quite painful, you will get through it. Veteran users sometimes get butthurt because they still care about the wiki.
  • shitter - Someone who displays ignorance involving one or more aspects of the game or doesn't listen to other users very well. Also a term for someone utilizing lame tactics.
  • NPA - A policy loosely enforced by admins unless it is a obvious attack. Most words such as nigger, homo, autist, shitter, fucker, are acceptable to use since this is a big boy site not to be taken seriously.


  • Athrun Feya - The only active woman on the wiki and a PvE admin. She maintains the PvE section and the builds for high end areas. She also loves poros.
  • Auron - Takes care of anything actually important and jumps in from time to time to call someone an idiot.
  • Armond - He was active user early on but has been inactive for awhile. He usually will be found still touting how good Racway although he's a couple years behind the current PvE meta.
  • Big - He's the black guy on the wiki and admin on the wiki. He's also big. He will also ban you if you give him a chance. He also isn't active as much anymore.
  • Brandnew - Mostly trolls and whatever contributions he makes is trivial. He mostly stalks user talk pages.
  • Chaos/Dandybot - Dandybot is here to automate all joy and happiness on the wiki. You will see him write paragraphs of nonsense when someone is being an autist and he is definitely not homosexual (I think).
  • Crow - The PvP expert who plays in top guilds and usually referred to for anything about PvP. He is quite beloved on the wiki and trolls user pages. Any negative comments or responses at him will likely get you flamed and trolled by veteran wiki users. Can count to seven.
  • Danny - Knows code and is usually at the center of srs bsns. He spends his time irritating phen, pose questions on his page so people can troll him, and brag about how large his epeen is. Jumps in to make snide comments when he feels its necessary.
  • Excluded/Minion - A PvE shitter that thinks he contributes positively to the wiki. You will see him lurking UW builds (mostly physway) and try to appear to know about PvP. Curiously, he has a little bit of a following of other users.
  • Frosty - Used to be new to the wiki but since he didn't show typical symptoms of autism, rose to admin later on. He primarily maintains the PvP section and stays on talk pages.
  • Jaigoda - Usually busy making himself look dumb. He restarted the drama about the Imbasin about a year ago. He usually is found trolling a few PvE builds that no one cares about.
  • Misery - Long time admin who has been active throughout PvXwiki's lifespan. He's dealt with all the shit that's come along so his word usually represents the rest of the wiki. Also enjoys calling me out when I'm being a dumbass. moo.
  • Karate Jesus - He works at a psychiatric clinic to treat manic depressant kids. Not surprising, PvX caught his eye. He's also one of the oldest guys the site. He usually does admin duties in the PvE sections and spearheads most of the projects going on. He also posts on his talk page that he will be gone somewhere every week or so even though no one cares.
  • Lemming - zzzz
  • Life Guardian - He was one of the two users that revolutionized the wiki's attitude towards PvE and brought it up to date. He is the other PvE admin that maintains the PvE section. His guild also holds the record for FoWsc and he is usually the MoP caller since it's the most important position on the team.
  • Phen - He does all the extra coding that makes PvXwiki unique. He tends to be the most level-headed and moderates the wiki as a whole. He makes major changes to the wiki and maintains the skill database mostly.
  • Readem - Used to be very active and one of the top players, he stopped contributing after GW became boring.
  • Steamy/Oskar - Used to contribute to both PvP and PvE. While most of the time he doesn't act dumb, he feels obliged to call stupid people stupid from time to time. Other from that, he is quite cuddly and lovable. Takes pride out of being a terrible troll.
  • Smity Smitington - A shitter who has contributed a few farming builds. He also suffers from a few signs of autism and makes idiotic comments involving JQ. Don't try to take him too seriously.
  • Toraen - Our resident janitor who recently began contributing actively to builds and discussion. He spends most of his time deleting builds, adding tags, and maintaining pages. If you see him on a talk page, you probably shouldn't try arguing since he won't know what he's talking about <3.
  • Terran/InfestedHydralisk - Came back after a long hiatus, although he was still on Guildwiki, doesn't edit much though. He does pay attention to starcraft though.
  • TahiriVeila - Previously known as Goldenstar. He started playing PvE for some reason and began the Bond build spam for sinways. Usually contributes heavily to both PvP and PvE and is pretty knowledgeable overall. His name refers to a Star Wars character if you were curious.
  • Vince - Semi-active user who likes to gloat he took AB seriously even though no one noticed his rants. Got carried to fame by a botched Anet contest by copypasting a pvxwiki bar like everyone else did.
  • Xtreme - Usually acts as a tool and would rather support what other users say than make his own opinions. He makes intelligible enough arguments and contributions to the wiki however.

Final Word

A few users will still be on both wikis to moderate and prevent the degradation of the wiki (Even though it will be come outdated eventually). For the future generation of autists that decides to take it upon themselves to fix this wiki up and jump through Wikia's hoops, good luck because all the good players left a long time ago when Guildwars died. It's been quite a ride since the fork from Guildwiki and we will continue to forge ahead on the new wiki and to Guildwars 2. If there will be PvXwiki 2 in the future, at least in a conventional sense, remains to be seen.

See you until then. Moo!