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some place in indonesia.
some place in indonesia.
Anybody else playing [http://www.leagueoflegends.com/ League of Legends] or [http://www.aiononline.com Aion]?
*Aion IGN: VocalHealSpam Server: Ariel
= GvG =
*LoL IGN: PosPosPos
{{mini skill bar|Devastating Hammer|Warrior's Cunning}}
{{mini skill bar|Escape}}
{{mini skill bar|Crippling Shot}}
{{mini skill bar|Mind Blast}}
{{mini skill bar|Water Trident}}
{{mini skill bar|Guardian|Healing Burst|Shield of Absorption|Shielding Hands|Aura of Stability|Mend Condition|Cure Hex|Armor of Sanctity}}
{{mini skill bar|Guardian|Word of Healing|Patient Spirit|Infuse Health|Signet of Rejuvenation|Dismiss Condition|Cure Hex|Armor of Sanctity}}
{{mini skill bar|Spirit Light Weapon|Weapon of Warding|Wielder's Boon|Soothing Memories|Protective Was Kaolai|Life|Freezing Gust|Armor of Mist}}
{{mini skill bar|Xinrae's Weapon|Weapon of Remedy}}
== Tactics ==
#Escape and Mblast split from start. Force 1 healer back.
#Prage and/or Cripshot splits later, flagger/prot follows to keep split alive if need be. Force damage and more healers back.
#1-2 Damage dealers collapse on stand team accordingly, since generally opponents countersplit by sending 2 defensive characters back at this point, usually a flagger and a monk, as well as possibly damage characters. Collapsing means forcing a wipe at stand with only 1 healer. WC Hammer makes sure the solo defensive character explodes.
#Cripshot and Escape prevents defensive characters in countersplit from supporting stand team.
{{mini skill bar|Divine Spirit|Word of Healing|Patient Spirit|Mending Touch|Cure Hex|Deny Hexes|Bonetti's Defense|Dolyak Signet}}

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hi im pika i like omelettes

my real name wont freeze ya

whats cool is where im fromlettes.

some place in indonesia.

Anybody else playing League of Legends or Aion?

  • Aion IGN: VocalHealSpam Server: Ariel
  • LoL IGN: PosPosPos
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