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Sarah loved wildlife, and creatures in general. Since she was 6 years old, she decided that she would either be a ranger or a monk when she grew up. She'd often wander the woods near her home, and find injured creatures, and nurse them back to health. When she was tending to injured creatures or in school, she'd often help the monks at the local temple, meditating with them, and would quite often eat with them. It was like a second home to her. Sarah was very bright, everyone had high expectations, and believed she'd be capable of doing whatever she wished.

When she turned 12 she decided that she would join the temple, and learn the ways of the monk. Having spent a lot of time there already, she was happily accepted and started learning right away.
She learned quickly, and all her teachers knew she would one day make a great monk. She swiftly masted the ways of healing, and went onto learn how to protect her enemies. She wasn't able to learn how to attack her enemies, through smiting prayers, until she was older. The monks decided years ago, for the safety of the temple, that to learn the ways of smiting, you must first become an adult.
It was shortly after her 18th birthday, that it all started. She had just finished her first smiting class, it had been a simple lesson, learning how to banish the dead.

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