Santrock a small village on the southern coast of Istan, was home to the Aretoath clan. They were highly renowned, their clan was the clan of the high priests and priestesses of the village. Many of the village were into dark speculation, and believed that a curse was placed upon the high priestesses of the Aretoath clan, when Palawa Joko sent a horde of his undead, one of his generals included, to wipe out the sunspears, and any resistance, 100 years ago. At the time the village was run by the priests and priestesses of the village, currently they were on the 2nd high priestess. She had risen up to fight the horde of undead. She fought the general in battle herself, she was a master of many arts and fought valiantly until the end. Before killing the priestess who would dare rebel, the undead general placed a curse on her blood line. The priestess swore with her last breath she would return in spirit one day, that she would be reincarnated.

That was the last Priestess for 100 years, until Astarael was born, to the day. Astarael had been named so, after the great priestess. The village believed that the birth of the first high priestess on the anniversary of the death of the last priestess, who had sworn to be reincarnated, meant just that, she had been reincarnated. This made some people joyful and full of glee, at the prospect of their beloved priestess being reincarnated, however others had heard the rumor. They had heard that Palawa Joko was still alive, not as powerful as he was 100 years ago, but alive none the less. The village feared that he might suspect that the priestess had been reincarnated, as they had, and worried that he would send what few of his minions he had, and wipe out the village.

This caused the villagers to avoid Astarael, and she grew up alone. During her childhood she would frequently go out to the fields surrounding the village and would wish for friends she never had. She grew up to be spiteful of the world and her ancestor, this spitefulness grew and grew over time. One day Astarael was out wondering the nearby fields of the village when she decided to rest under a nearby tree, and quickly dozed off. she awoke to find a bear, on it's rear legs, getting ready to swipe at her, an attack that would most likely kill. Terrified, Astarael could do nothing but watch as the claw came down towards her. Time seemed to slow at this moment, and Astarael heard the voice of her ancestor, telling her what to do, how to unleash this spitefulness that had built up inside of her, and kill the bear. Without hesitating Astarael did as the voice said. The bear fell backwards in excruciating pain, and then died. Astarael felt a rush of exhilaration, having used magic, other than her ancestor no-one from the village had ever performed magic. Astarael willed her ancestor to tell her more, to reveal to her the secrets of the magic, to teach her more that she could become as powerful as her ancestor had been 100 yeas ago if not more so. Her ancestor replied she would do what she could, but Astarael would never be able to use such powerful magic as she had before, as that was a rare type of magic, that unless you could call upon at will, would backfire and kill her. So over the years Astarael learned to wiled magic to great use,and while she didn't gain any real friends she became close to her ancestor. Astarael was extremely happy and believed nothing could go wrong.

Then her 18th birthday came.

Astarael had been out in the fields as she did every day, learning to control the magic. She was in the middle out training when she saw smoke and heard screams coming from the village. She ran as fast as she could. When she got to the village she saw undead rampaging through the village, slaughtering innocent people. Astarael lashed out with the magic she had learned to control, and even managed to resurrect some of the undead minions as her own, to aid her in her fight. She manged to fight her way to her home, and had made a sizable army of minions on the way. She walked through the scattered remains of the front door. A wave of nausea hit her. Stood in front of her, was the very general that had placed the curse on her bloodline 100 years ago, and he ws holding up the the decapitated heads of her parents.

Astarael was never quite sure what happened next. She lost control of her body, and the magic she had first called upon to kill the bear rose up and lashed out at the undead general. The general staggered back, shocked by the ferocity of the attack. he released a wave of energy, Astaraels' army of minions dropped the ground, and Astarael was fighting to stand up. Within her mind Astarael heard her ancestor apologize. A powerful surge of magic rose up through Astaraels' body, and magic she hadn't thought possible was released, and shattered the undead general within seconds. Astarael passed out, and didn't come to for hours.
When she did her ancestor was no longer there, she could sense her presence had gone.
She searched the village.
None had survived.

From that day on Astarael swore she wouldn't allow anyone else to suffer as she had, and all though the battle had cost her gravely she found that ever since that day she could control her more powerful magic much more easily, and call upon the spell she had first used at will, to decimate anyone who faced her. after the events that transpired at the village, Astarael traveled Istan, until she finally came across the sunspear order, where she enrolled, promising herself she would rid any evil, so that no one would suffer as she had. She rose through the ranks quickly, and made many friends, she was very popular, because she had such control and power of her magic, and soon had companions who would be with her, fight with her, die with her. But this is merely where her true story begins.

The Name

Astarael also known as The Sorrowful or Weeper is the 7th necromantic bell used by the Abhorsen, it is the biggest and most powerful, it will send anyone who hears it's sound deep into the nine precincts of death, including the wielder. This is from the old kingdom series by Garth Nix, which is one of my favorite series of all time. If your confused as to what the Abhorsen and it's necromantic bells are see here for information on Astarael and here for information on the Abhorsen. If you have read the information, you can understand why Astarael seemed a fitting name for a necromancer.
As for Aretoath, I honestly have no idea where that came from, it was just something I came up with on the spot, and liked the sound of it, so stuck with it.

In Game

If you've read the "background" section, you will have picked up that Astarael is from the continent Elona. You may have also picked up various little clues as to what skills/builds i like to commonly run on her. I mainly tend to run an SS bar for general PvE, mainly because i think SS just owns.
I also run Bip in high end areas of PvE (DoA and Slaver's etc.), and usually at 1hp (because it makes life easier)
I keep meaning to make her MM capable, she has all the minor skills, but doesn't have a decent elite to use she doesn't have golem, orders, or aura, I keep meaning to cap golem with her (fairly certain she's far enough in factions to get it).
Astarael is also kitted out for 55ing (both SS and SV), which is what I use if I want a green or something, or just fancy some solo action. Other than that Astarael doesn't really run many builds.

Astarael has completed Nightfall and EotN. She is quite far in factions and prophecies, but I don't really intend to get her to complete them anytime soon,as i mainly farm slaver's with her, and don;t have any need to progress through the other games, unless I'm in need of an elite (and can't be bothered to buy a tome)

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