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Prevailing Mood: Thoroughly Orgasmic
Mental Stability: 100%
Tolerance Level: High
Stress Volume: █ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░
Currently Thinking:

Tychus compels Raynor to collects artifacts.
Raynor uses the artifact and turns Kerrigan
back into a human (mostly).
But it transpires that the Overmind was
forced to try and kill everything in the
universe by a shadowy Protoss-like figure
who wants to consume the whole thing.
The Overmind infested Kerrigan so that she
might somehow stop the shadowy figure.
Meanwhile, Zeratul has visions that
Protoss-Zerg Hybrids will use the Zerg
to wipe out the Terrans and Protoss.
He proposes that these Hybrids might be
the Xel'Naga, but you previously found
a Confederacy lab where they were cloning
the things and doing experiments on Zerg.
Now you don't have to spend hours
massing Medic & Marine. You're Welcome.
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Random Stuff:

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Be a Jerk in AB!

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Random Builds.

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Note: Angelic Bondage [bond] - Come for the inactivity, stay for the gender confusion!

Note: When you're beautiful on the inside, it just makes the tapeworm less likely to leave.

Note: There is no carrot in Speights.

Note: This user reads Front magazine.

Note: Pika Fan is very talented.

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