The joint account of Bringer of Jihad and Brother Astrius. We do stuff on gw together for fun, feel free to contact either of us ingame. Mabel is the name of our favourite troglodyte, a black labrador who lives in a cave in Ollie's kitchen.

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Please check out and comment on our recently submitted build, a Peace and Harmony PvE hybrid - [[1]].

Ollie's Chars

  • MonkBrother Astrius
Word of Healing Dwayna's Kiss Heal Party Protective Spirit Shield of Absorption Dismiss Condition Cure Hex Rebirth
  • DervishThe Vengeful Smiter
Eternal Aura Aura of Holy Might Chilling Victory Victorious Sweep Radiant Scythe Zealous Sweep Eremite's Attack Avatar of Lyssa
  • NecromancerAsmodeus of Hell
Animate Flesh Golem Animate Bone Horror Animate Bone Fiend Blood of the Master Barbs Mark of Pain Soul Feast Signet of Lost Souls
  • ElementalistAstrius Solaris
Elemental Attunement Fire Attunement Teinai's Heat Searing Heat Meteor Fireball Rodgort's Invocation liquid Flame
  • RangerMaster Kachiun
Burning Arrow Screaming Shot Sundering Attack Savage Shot Charm Animal Comfort Animal Poisonous Bite Scavenger Strike
  • Warrior/RangerElephant And Chips (Pre)
Frenzy Gash Sever Artery Optional Optional Charm Animal Comfort Animal Resurrection Signet
  • Assassin/RangerTroglodyte Assassin
Barrage Volley Critical Eye Way of the Master Way of Perfection Critical Agility Critical Defenses Sharpen Daggers
  • MesmerA Very Pious Mesmer
Ether Feast Conjure Nightmare Ether Phantom Drain Delusions Ether Lord Lyssa's Aura Mantra of Persistence Resurrection Signet

Chris' Chars

  • Paragon/WarriorBringer of Jihad - [[2]]
Focused Anger "Save Yourselves!" Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom Go for the Eyes! "For Great Justice!" Aggressive Refrain "Fall Back!" "There's Nothing to Fear!"
  • ElementalistKracatoan Xantos - [[3]]
Searing_Flames Glowing Gaze Searing Heat Mark of Rodgort Rodgort's Invocation Glyph of Lesser Energy Meteor Shower Fire Attunement
  • Ritualist/AssassinKracatoan Zephyr - [[4]]
Spirit's Strength Vital Weapon Sight Beyond Sight Horns of the Ox Golden Phoenix Strike Blades of Steel Falling Spider Resurrection Signet
  • Assassin/MesmerLudo Felix Ossidi - [[5]]
Lyssa's Aura Deadly Paradox Augury of Death Dancing Daggers Entangling Asp Signet of Toxic Shock Iron Palm Resurrection Signet
  • Necromancer/MesmerAcolyte Asmodeus - [[6]]
Arcane Echo Spiteful Spirit Mark of Pain Barbs Insidious Parasite Defile Defenses Signet of Lost Souls Signet of Sorrow
  • DervishKracatoan Orannis - [[7]]
Avatar of Lyssa Eternal Aura Aura of Holy Might Zealous Sweep Chilling Victory Radiant Scythe Victorious Sweep Eremite's Attack
  • Mesmer/ElementalistKracatoan Krassus - [[8]]
Mantra of Recovery Deep Freeze Empathy Cry of Pain Auspicious Incantation Ether Nightmare Ether Feast Cry of Frustration
  • Ranger/WarriorMaster Khasar - [[9]]
Earth Shaker Pulverizing Smash Crude Swing Whirlwind Attack "On Your Knees!" Lightning Reflexes Antidote Signet Sunspear Rebirth Signet
  • MonkBrother Borelis - [[10]]
Word of Healing Patient Spirit Cure Hex Protective Spirit Shield of Absorption Heal Party Dismiss Condition Rebirth
  • WarriorYrael Of The Nine - [[11]]
Quivering Blade Power Attack Sever Artery Gash Savage Slash Sun and Moon Slash Whirlwind Attack Lion's Comfort

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