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This user plays both PvE & PvP.

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Forgiftar Blut.jpg

Dervish Forgiftar Blut

  • Ran as an Avatar of Melandru Dervish most of the time. Other Avatars are quasi-useful, Avatar of Dwayna can be nice, Avatar of Grenth is questionably worthwhile. Avatar of Lyssa can be very powerful, but typically only against uncompetitive opponents. The Elite Scythe attacks each have their niches as well.

Monk Juridiskt Blut

  • Almost always ran as some form of Hybrid Monk. LoD is my preferred Elite, it is incredibly efficient and finally put Healing Prayers on the map. Other effective Elites include BLight (another very efficient skill), HBoon, Glimmer of Light, Word of Healing, Air of Enchantment, DH, Life Barrier, LSheath, RC, SoD, SoR, ZB, and Signet of Removal. Never over-specialize; GoH and RoF are both good skills, so bring both! Infuse is more dependent upon your maximum health than your Healing Prayers attribute, so you can find a place for it in any team build.
Juridiskt Blut.jpg
Krypskytt Blut.jpg

Ranger Krypskytt Blut

  • Cripshot and BA. RaO once I have a decent looking, Dire pet on him (ought to deal Slashing damage as well). Has to Barrage through any PvE campaign, though I do enjoy seeing all those numbers spring up when I use Splinter Weapon. His Equipment setup is costing me a fortune; on top of that, I think he needs new armor to look more impressive.

Paragon Nedfall Blut

  • Expel Paragon usually, even in PvE; I would run Shatter Hex in place of Mirror of Disenchantment. PvE build now makes good use of Sunspear and Allegiance skills. I need to capture more Elites with this guy to make him more versatile in Paraspike, and PvP in general.
Nedfall Blut.jpg
Rostjarn Blut.jpg

Ritualist Rostjarn Blut

  • Used to be my favorite toon, back in the days when Rit Lords were actually in demand. More Elites are also needed for this guy; it's a crying shame that the decent ones are all pretty far into the Nightfall campaign. Because of this, the usual setup is an Empathic Removal Ritualist, though I may revive the Rit Lord with him one day (Empowerment, Mighty was Vorizun).

Necromancer Sjalvmord Blut

  • Remade for NF. Another of my favorite classes to play as. I have gotten thoroughly bored of the early Nightfall campaign, so he is still lurching around the starter island, rebuilding his Elite collection with tomes.
Tillvaxt Blut.jpg

Assassin Tillvaxt Blut

  • Shadow Prison Assassin, or some variation thereof. Moebius Strike is a worthwile skill to capture, it turns an Assassin into a high-damage linebacker. Only other build I would like to complete would be the A/Me Dagger Spammer. Been stuck in the Gate of Madness for months; no one wants to group with a sin, and those dang Monk heroes would leap off a cliff if you sidestepped away from it.

Warrior Upplaggning Blut

  • Great in PvE and PvP, the entire design of Warriors in GW is one of its most appealing features, although you don't appreciate this until you've already bought and played the game for a while. Always runs axes, though has DSlash and Cripslash just in case. Believe it or not, I've never IWAYed (or anything else with -WAY in its name) as a Warrior. You thought you knew me...
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