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Color Chart

  • I totaly stole it off Phenaxkian so all credit to him.

Wiki Formats

  • I'm still a noob at formats and code and stuff, well not so much anymore but still bad. This is mroe for my benifit but feel free to use it^^.

ToPK Guide

  • Yes I'm making a guide... not done yet.
Contact Info
In game Zealous Mystic
Guild Elite Golden Dragons[EGD]
About Me

Im Ed. Im 15 im from England.

Ive been playing GW for about 1 and a half years now. I used to be in BSK Black Scorpions but recently changed and am now in EGD Elite Golden Dragons. I left EGD, it was disbanded, i then joined various HM guilds until now when EGD was reformed and i'm now back in that

I've been using PvX for quite a while, since all the builds got moved off GW.Gamewikis and onto this fork. Its only recently when i've become less of a noob that i've found myself testing acouple of builds and making my own however unsuccesfully :P. I now have a great, good, other hopefully more.

Just Awesome
  • "This is as manly as a Canadian lumberjack who hasn't shaved or bathed in 5 days, wrestling a rabid grizzly bear; and in the midst of the fight, the jumberjack just up and bites the bear in the freaking face. Then after the lumberjack has defeated the bear, gets up, climbs a tree, and kills a whole family of bald eagles. Then as he makes a campfire ON TOP of the tree to cook the eagles and eggs, using his own hands as frying pans. He then roars into the wind, "I am Killingsworth, the mighty slayer of everything! Hear my mighty cry and tremble, grovel below me, unclean filth!" by User:Ikimono - The Manly Scots-Irish-man 01:28, 4 October 2008 (EDT)
  • dizzy from the fumes white nuckeled holding the wheel hostage a dirty old cadalac barrels towards hell, with a brick on the gas pedal that hansome devil.
  • Quiet, im busy breaking the system.
  • I own.
  • . <- look close. there is something there
My Builds

Yes theres lots of unfavoured but most off em worked quite well and im still trying. :P 23 in fact. BUT i got 3 vetted ones. beat that...

New Builds

User:PVX-Howe304/Epic SooSC



  • Dread
  • Dread.jpg - Destroy Target Spirit. This spell leaves an unexploited corpse.
  • Flaming Horror
  • Animate Flaming Horror.jpg - Exploit nearest corpse to animate a level ... Flaming Horror. Up to 3 foes adjacent to Flaming Horror suffer from burning for ....
  • Stealth
  • Dark Escape.jpg- for ...secs your agro bubble is ...% smaller but you take double damage.
  • Stoneskin Horror
  • Stoneskin horror.jpg- create a level... Stoneskin Horror, this minon's attacks cause knock down. You may only have 1 Stoneskin Minon.