Guilt This user spent 4098 hours in Guild Wars in 23 months (5.9 h/day).


Expect me to talk mostly about mesmers and ritualists. I have (at least) one of each profession, so I have at least working knowledge of all the classes. PvE and CM are my areas of expertise, though I have limited experience with RA and TA, and (extremely) limited experience in HA. Though I loathe my PvE elementalist it is my foremost PvP choice. Achieved UAX for personal achievement and hero flexibility.

As for characters, my stuff's all there.


So far just this one I authored on GWiki. Not sure who's responsible for hauling it here.

My chickenscratches can be found here.

Things that bother me...

  1. Energy management. People here talk about it sometimes like a mystical Holy Grail of Guild Wars. I don't understand why simple moderation can't count as e-management. Just because a skill is recharged doesn't mean you need to fire it off.
  2. Self-heals. Nothing against them. If there's a place in your build for it, awesome, put it in. But why should we be required to mangle our attributes instead of relying on our monk/rit/pari to do their job? Yes, I know some places you aren't guaranteed to have one, but in CM if you die, who cares? You res ten seconds later with no DP. And RA, well... if I can kill people in RA with no healer, there's no reason on earth why you can't. It irritates me to no end to see a random Healing Signet in a build with otherwise no Tactics. And don't say "Use Lion's Comfort." We all know how much that sucks without an equally heavy investment in Tactics.
  3. People who call me 'coward' or 'noob' when I run away from them in PvP. What do you want me to do, stand there and let you kill me? I don't think so. If I'm hurting bad from killing someone else, or my skillset just can't counter yours, I'm going to run away. Seems sensible to me...
  4. I suppose I should say 'PvE mesmer hate', but honestly, from most of the mesmers I've partied with, I have to say it's deserved. Mesmers just aren't meant for PvE, and most people can't figure out how to adapt them for it. Anyway, my fiance and our heroes crush PvE, so I'm better off than most mesmers.
  5. Kurzicks who complain about their 'disadvantage' in Fort Aspenwood. Dude. You're the ones in the fort, not us. You're the ones who can kill the turtles in about three seconds flat, not us. Enough said.
  6. People that actually care about the Kurzicks/Luxons.
  7. Searing Flames. For a long time I loved Searing Flames. Then yesterday, fiance and I are doing Cathedral of Flames, henching it with his ele and my warrior. Usually we 600/smite to make it fast, but this was for fun. Anyway, I tell him I've been using dual attunement/Rodgort's. He spends ten minutes explaining to me why Searing Flames can outdamage that in the first five seconds alone. The hell of it is, he was right. Searing Flames killed all creativity in elementalists (not that eles take much thought anyway). Why try anything else when, in 90% of the situations, Searing Flames will kick its ass?
  8. People ingame who automatically assume I'm a guy. Though I guess that's not so ridiculous. Not a lot of girl gamers out there.
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