After playing RA until my brain got fried from noobs (read: barely 1 hour, I don't understand how people can stand to get glad), I got fucking pissed at some of these loud, stupid people. As a result, I'm making this page a flamepage. If you have time on your hands, I'd be honoured if you could flame the shit out of these people. Also, feel free to add your own.

tl;dr: flame these nub boxes plz

  • Shock War: some fag I beat in RA; when he died, started calling us noobs since "it took 3 of u to take 1 down". Also called me a noob for using frenzy (he was running cleave with healsig). When I flamed him back, he told me to grow up. This child is in desperate need of spanking but since his parents are carebears, we'll have to do it ourselves.
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