User This User will finish his userpage... Eventually...
GvG This user loves GvG, and leads people who are all older then him.
PvE This user thinks PvE is bad for the soul
Kurzick This user wanna visit the Jade Sea, but barely even finished Prophecies in a year, and belongs to a Kurzick guild :(
Magebane Shot.jpg This user promotes unpopular skills.
Stone Daggers.jpg This user thinks Stone Dagger spikes will be the new meta game.
Ether Signet.jpg Boxes! User ones!
"Can't Touch This!".jpg This user argues alot.
Grae Kilf Abett This user has a elementalist named "Greek Alphabet"
Ccord Ctelker This user has a warrior named that, derived from Sword Stalker.
Elpha Betic This user has a monk who knows the Alphabet.
Master of Thingys This user has a necro who controls thingys.
Sythe Master Bob This user has a Dervish who forgotten how to spell Scythe.
Alphabet This user likes the alphabet, so all his PvP characters' last names are Alphabet
AB This user is a part of the [www.theamazonbasin.com/gw/forums The Amazon Basin].
Bored This user is always bored when not GvGing.