Hey and thx for taking your time to look at my userpage.
"I'm sooooo good at GW, at least when I get help"
My builds up till now:
  • D/W Steady Dervish Deleted :(
Steady Stance Desperation Blow Drunken Blow Optional Vital Boon Mystic Regeneration Armor of Sanctity Zealous Renewal

  • P/R Interrupting Condition Barrager Trial
Barrage "Go for the Eyes!" Anthem of Disruption Anthem of Flame Anthem of Weariness ""Find Their Weakness!" "There's Nothing to Fear!" Signet of Return
Facts 'bout me:
  • Started playing GW during the summer holiday '07
    • I started 'cause a friend showed me GW.
  • Have no maxed out title
  • Love making GW builds.
  • Is in a very good guild.
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