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I'm kind of new to PvXwiki and GuildWiki, but I've played Guild Wars for 7 months now I think. Besides Guild Wars, I'm a digital artist, and my Gallery is here.

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My Builds

Dumb Stuff

Defiant Elements' Word of the Day

The word of the day is Nimiety (nim-eye'-et-ee) n. excess, redundancy.

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Eronth's Phrase of the Day

What the hell do you mean by “Your birth certificate has expired”?

If anyone has any phrases they would like to suggest, please post them here.

Sneakysmith12's Joke (or Murphy's Law) of the Day

If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway

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Bluemilkman's Brainteaser of the Week

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, and the only food she had for her ten children was six potatoes. How did she make sure that each child had an equal share?

If anyone has any brainteasers they would like to suggest, please post them here. If you want to answer it, post here.

Belgianbronco's Mr. T. Joke of the Week

Readem's Build of the Week

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Victoryisyours' Phobia of the Day

The Phobia of the Day is Hypengyophobia. - The fear of responsibility. (Suggest one of your own many phobias here!)

Edru Viransu's Historical Build of the Week

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Mgrinshpon's Leet Build of the Whenever
Ray of Judgment Reversal of Damage Death's Charge Viper's Defense Heart of Shadow Shadow Refuge Dark Escape Feigned Neutrality

The Shadow Judgment assassin attempts to combine the Guild Wars world's two greatest foes- Area of Effect damage and shadow stepping: and succeeds admirably. Combining degen in the form of burning is just a cherry on the top of this sundae of decadent bravery.

This gem comes from the festering filth-hole we all know and love: the PvX authors. Not the "my wife's little sister is pretty hot" kind of love and impure thoughts but the "me and you, with a half-empty bottle of Baccardi, a 40 weight, and wearing nothing but contented smiles" kind of love. The kind of love that only the Shadow Judgment assassin and the original brave man-creator can give to you. Now, the author has since been lost to the annals of PvX:WELL but rest assured that this bad boy will just pop right in behind you and judge you for all you're worth.

Originally found on PvX. For more builds of top notch quality, see here.

Addendum: my apologies for taking so long to update this.

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