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Lyssan55 [rage]

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Ohaider, I'm Simon. I've been playing Guild Wars for close to three years now, but I have been as bad as 99% of the PvE players up until a few months ago. Oh yes, and Lau has helped me become less sucky at elite areas like Deep and FoW. Anyways, I am currently trying to learn to run as many dungeons and elite areas as possible so I can take others' money for their laziness. Finished running Vloxen Excavations 600/Smite. The run takes quite a while, and it gets you about 90k if running 5 people for 18k. When Andy/Zod or Zod/Life are both online at the same time we are going to go 3 Man UW Clear. In other news, I have a q11 Illusion Magic Celestial Compass for sale. It's max and inscribable. Running Raven's Point is also rather profitable at 20k/person.

Current Project: Mo/A SoJ UW Farmer

Unseen Fury Kirin's Wrath Symbol of Wrath Shield of Judgment Light of Deldrimor "By Ural's Hammer!" Shield of Absorption Dark Escape

Yay slow Underworld farming.

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Noevember 8th: I'm playing Guild Wars on and off. Hopefully Izzy will shit another gimmick everyone can use out of his ass and the GP will benefit.

+ ℓγssάή [rage] 20:17, November 8, 2009 (UTC)