Lo and behold Kaga Konikora (The ghostly hero)

This is the pvx user page. Since the guildwiki one is more completed, i figure linking to it could do the trick. [1].

To do a quicker version, I play mostly the warrior class and enjoy doing endgame content. You can probably reach me easier in-game by messaging Kaga Konikora, since that's the name i'm online with 99% of the time.

Due to demand from various people i've teamed with, my inscription to PvX is so the Bounce spiker build can be put to the community test. If anyone wants to test it ( or team with me to see it in action) i'm sure things could also be arranged ( i've also been saving some +armor focus scripts)

User:Lullysing/Build:W/N Bounce Spiker <---a solo spiker build that works really well.

User:Lullysing/team:UWPUG <--- the legendary article about pugging the underworld

User:Lullysing/PVP <--- new section which will be dedicated to past and current pvp builds

Victory shot of post-dhuum UW completion. Posed picture with the chaos axe(shiny!) but the run was made with the bounce spiker build (you can also see swd+focus on equipment 3). UWvictory.jpg

Because some people asked about it, Here is the quick and dirty "Balanced underworld /w bounce spiker" teambuild. I've had completes post-dhuum with similar teambuilds ( in fact the victory pic was obtained thru a similar teambuild) . Do note that if you get a splinter barrager, he should be the one carrying EOE.

  • Asterisk.jpg/Asterisk.jpg Tank
Shadow Form Defy Pain Avatar of Balthazar Obsidian Flesh Optional Optional Optional Optional
  • Warrior/Necromancer Bounce Spiker
Ebon Escape Mark of Pain "For Great Justice!" "To the Limit!" Hundred Blades Whirlwind Attack Sun and Moon Slash "I Am Unstoppable!"
  • Ritualist/Ranger SOS+EOE rit
Signet of Spirits Splinter Weapon Armor of Unfeeling Edge of Extinction Summon Spirits Optional Optional Optional

3 x *Asterisk.jpg/Asterisk.jpg Nukers/Ranged

Searing Flames Visions of Regret Spiteful Spirit Barrage Mirror of Ice Assassin's Promise Optional Pain Inverter
  • Monk/Asterisk.jpg UA Monk
Unyielding Aura Seed of Life Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
  • Monk/Mesmer HB-UA copy Monk
Healer's Boon Seed of Life Balthazar's Spirit Arcane Mimicry Optional Optional Optional Optional

See the UWPUG link for a walkthru with pictures

(User:Lullysing/Build:W/N Bounce Spiker)