About me

I have been playing guild wars for three years and have been making build for any type of situation. Im 16 years old and live in san antonio, texas love to play video games and watch anime i have a load of free time so if any1 want to play guild wars with me just send me a message! I also have a youtube account my name is the same as my username here so you can find me on google or on youtub im am going to start making videos on how to use my builds so go check out my channel http://www.youtube.com/jpuzimaki13

I'm the Alliance Leader of the Build Making Alchemistic Society Where we make Builds and skill bars and put them to test and use and save them into our sites vault for alliance to download and use. Our vault is updated every weekend :P pm me if you want to join

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My Builds

Build:Team - VSF Glaiveway another build ive loaded

Build:A/Me Chaos Ledge Farmer