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My builds. That are probably failures.

Great Builds
  • Great Dwarf Spirit
Spirit's Strength Great Dwarf Armor Aura of Holy Might Great Dwarf Weapon Mystic Sweep Eremite's Attack Zealous Sweep Death Pact Signet

Great Build

Green thumbs up.png

  • Great Dwarf Strength
Vow of Strength "By Ural's Hammer!" Aura of Holy Might Asuran Scan Mystic Sweep Eremite's Attack Zealous Sweep Resurrection Signet

Great Build

Green thumbs up.png

Good Builds
Other Builds
Testing Builds
Trial Builds
Trash Builds
  • VoStrength Duo
Vow of Strength Aura of Holy Might Great Dwarf Weapon Vital Boon Heart of Fury Faithful Intervention Conviction Eternal Aura

Trash Build

Red thumbs down.png

  • Deadly Prison
Assassin's Promise Dark Prison Iron Palm Falling Spider Vampiric Assault Impale Signet of Toxic Shock Dash

Trash Build

Red thumbs down.png

  • Paraway
Soldier's Fury Soldier's Fury Focused Anger Song of Purification Expel Hexes Anthem of Fury Blood is Power Song of Restoration

Trash Build

Red thumbs down.png

  • Grasping Aftershock
Grasping Was Kuurong Glyph of Lesser Energy Ancestor's Rage Cruel Was Daoshen Aftershock Crystal Wave Earth Attunement Storm Djinn's Haste

Trash Build

Red thumbs down.png

  • Vanquishing Ritway (WELLed)
Spirit's Strength Spirit's Strength Spirit's Strength Offering of Spirit Clamor of Souls Ritual Lord Attuned Was Songkai Attuned Was Songkai

Trash Build

Red thumbs down.png

  • Stolen from Mgrinshpon.

so i herd Mgrinshpon is win...

Here is an epic rant-ish thing he said in "acceptance" of his b-crat nomination at the official GWW:

At some point or another, I tried to fix this place; namely the administrative system. This was a long time ago. An era of bygone days. An age during which there was a glimmer of hope at the end of a long tunnel of retardation and idiocy.
Then, that glimmer was extinguished. How, might one ask, did such a thing happen? Well, quite simply, the tunnel collapsed. Between the stupidity of numerous users and said users not understanding the problem as well as how to fix it, the wiki has gone downhill. In fact, this entire website is just a massive joke to me now. It's too easy to troll (which would also explain my recent absence from GWW & PvX). Too simple to take advantage of. The people are, for the most part, astoundingly unintelligible and the system works far too slowly and with not enough strength. While I sincerely hope that by some very large string of most fortunate events, this place turns around for the best, I highly doubt that it'll happen. Even if I did get elected to bcrat, which, frankly, would never happen, I don't think I would be able to fix anything anyway.
So, yeah. You're all too easy to troll and too stupid to fix. Have fun in your Guild Wars circle jerk. Good luck, but it's not like anything will ever get fixed here anyway, so it's a moot wish.

I'd say he just won at everything GW-related.


Me being an admin wasn't something I wanted to do purely because. It's a hassle, a responsibility. If I became an admin, I'd do something good, made sure people liked how it worked, made sure it worked well in practice, made sure it stuck, and been on my merry way. Namely, complications in policy, etc. So, I don't care if I'm a "smooth dude." I just care about the big picture. I also don't care about Auron or his horrendously over-inflated ego, so that's down. I'm not going to change being who I am completely to fufill the wishes of someone I don't care about for a position I don't care for. I didn't get it, fine, the status quo doesn't change. Doesn't bother me much, new user issues aren't my problem. It was merely a problem I offered to fix. —ǥrɩɳsɧƴɖɩđđɭɘş Grinshpon blinky cake.gif 18:44, 26 September 2008 (EDT)

And Jebus is pretty much, too.

Here is I Am Jebus's vote on the SH EoE Bomb build:

Horrible damage, no healer, this gets rolled so fast, dark prison has aftercast, flame burst is baed, no spike prevention, your "spike" is too easy to see coming, even assuming that they get hit by all 5 seconds of SH you have about ignoring the spike does 475 damage assuming that fire damage does 60-65% of what it says stated against any 80AL target, against rangers i dont wanna know. "Spike" takes 65 energy, thats too much energy even with energy storage, EoE does damage only to people under 90% of their health, the "spike" takes 10 3/4 seconds, allowing 3/4 seconds aftercast, more than enough time for the HB monk to get two or three heal parties off, even if you do manage to pull off the spike theres 7 spikers and 8 enemies, and the best thing you can do in the 30 second downtime is spam Flame Burst which i dont think you're gonna be doing due to energy, savannah heat is gonna get d-shot, p-block, m-bane, or interrupted some way or another, enemies see everyone casting SH they're gonna start doing spike prevention, lacerate, brambles, and toxicity is random as the spike should be an instant kill if its a good spike, lively was naomai is random as your spikers arent suiciding at all unless you count sending 7 60AL people into the frontline and deep backline of the enemy team, and I havent even said half the problems in this build.

I lol'd hard. Pretty epic rant.

x2 for Jebus

Comment on some monk Cripslash failbuild:

This vs regular cripslash:


  • Deals out "slightly more DPS through the use of SoH and Holy Wrath"
    • However you overlook that warriors can bring a Conjure that will also add to the damage.
  • Uses Holy Wrath and SoH to be better than a warrior
    • You have to maintain two enchantments upon yourself. If you get rended or even ripped/shattered, you have to cancel at least two of them that you're maintaining, wait for the energy to go back up, and then recast. Also note that Holy Wrath makes you lose 10 energy per hit, meaning that smart people will autoattack 3 times then rend you down.
  • Can maintain Holy/SoH on other people
    • Again, what happens to your energy? You have no capabilities to recast. Regular smite monks will at most keep SoH on two people. 4 people bonded plus Holy Wrath means no energy.
  • You dont need energy cause of high adrenaline.
    • You have to recast Flail every 5 seconds and rush also lasts for a short time. Warriors have strength which contribute slightly to the damage, but it also lengthens your IAS and your IMS so you dont have to waste huge amounts of adren canceling and restancing.

Also Note

  • Monks have 60 armor, Warriors have 80 (and 100 vs physical). A monk on the frontline will seem to be a primary target for maybe the 25% of people who arent bad in RA, and so you'll get spiked down fast. Warriors can rush in and are oblivious to the enemies.
  • Monks are built to heal and protect. That's what their entire primary attribute is based around. I challenge you to find a build that doesnt use its primary attribute (besides rits :P) that is far superior to the alternatives. Warriors have strength, so they attack. Paragons have Leadership, so they exploit it by using Shouts. Monks have divine favor to powerheal more.
  • The standard Crippling Slash has a better IAS (Frenzy+Rush is better and more adrenaline friendly than Flail+Rush) (note also that you cant use frenzy+rush with this because of energy) and utility in the form of Bulls Strike.
  • Staying as a Monk/Warrior means that your secondary profession is locked, leaving no room for Conjures or other skills.
  • In no way would this make a W/Mo more effective, the energy is the biggest issue here.
  • As to your argument about Conjure getting rended, look at it this way: Which would you rather have after a rend: a squishy, vulnerable primary target with sword attacks or a heavy tank with more damage from runes and strength, and more utility from Bulls?

Good night sir. -- Jebuscontests 23:21, 2 December 2008 (EST)

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