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==Mini Manlyway?==
{{mini skill bar|Shroud of Distress|Shadow Form}}
{{mini skill bar|Splinter Weapon|Ancestors' Rage|Edge of Extinction}}
{{mini skill bar|Mark of Pain|"For Great Justice!"|Optional|Hundred Blades|Ebon Escape|"To the Limit!"|Whirlwind Attack}}
{{skill icon|Optional}} 1:
:*{{skill icon|"I Am Unstoppable!"}}
:*{{skill icon|Air of Superiority}}
:*{{skill icon|Lightbringer Signet}} (DoA)
:*{{skill icon|"By Ural's Hammer!"}}
{{skill icon|Optional}} 2:
:*{{skill icon|Sun and Moon Slash}}
:*{{skill icon|Signet of Stamina}}
:*{{skill icon|Enraging Charge}}
==RA RtL==
{{mini skill bar|Shell Shock|Chest Thumper|Ride the Lightning|Shock|Lightning Bolt|Aura of Restoration|Glyph of Elemental Power|Resurrection Signet}}
{{mini skill bar|Crossfire|Savage Shot|Protector's Defense|Melandru's Resilience|Expert Focus|Pin Down|Healing Spring|Resurrection Signet}}
{{mini skill bar|Crossfire|Savage Shot|Protector's Defense|Melandru's Resilience|Expert Focus|Dust Trap|Healing Spring|Resurrection Signet}}
{{mini skill bar|Vicious Attack|"Go for the Eyes!"|Lightning Reflexes|Optional|Song of Concentration|"Make Haste!"|"Brace Yourself!"|"Fall Back!"}}
{{skill icon|Optional}}:
:*{{skill icon|Song of Purification}}
:*{{skill icon|Song of Restoration}}
==IA PvE==
{{mini skill bar|Volley|Incendiary Arrows|Distracting Shot|Triple Shot|Ignite Arrows|Dwarven Stability|Serpent's Quickness|"Save Yourselves!"}}
{{mini skill bar|Splinter Weapon|Volley|Incendiary Arrows|Distracting Shot|Nightmare Weapon|Triple Shot|Dwarven Stability|Lightning Reflexes}}
:*{{skill icon|"I Am The Strongest!"}}
:*{{skill icon|Ebon Battle Standard of Honor}}
:*{{skill icon|"By Ural's Hammer!"}}
==Echo Dash Runner==
{{mini skill bar|Dwarven Stability|Echo|Dash|"I Am Unstoppable!"|Feel No Pain|Inspired Hex|Revealed Hex|Death's Charge}}
:*{{skill icon|"You Move Like a Dwarf!"}} (for "IAU")
:*{{skill icon|Heart of Shadow}}
==Brave Sabway?==
'''SoS Curse'''
[build prof=Rt/N cha=12+1+1 cur=12 spa=3][Signet of Spirits][Splinter Weapon][Ancestors' Rage][Optional][Barbs][Enfeebling Blood][Rip Enchantment][Flesh of My Flesh][/build]
{{skill icon|Optional}}:
:*{{skill icon|Spirit Siphon}}(primary Rit)
:*{{skill icon|Signet of Lost Souls}} (primary Nec)
'''SoLS Necro Healer'''
[build prof=N/Rt res=12 sou=12+1+1][Optional][Weapon of Warding][Mend Body and Soul][Spirit Light][Protective Was Kaolai][Life][Signet of Lost Souls][Flesh of My Flesh][/build]
{{skill icon|Optional}}:
:*{{skill icon|Xinrae's Weapon}}
:*{{skill icon|Weapon of Remedy}}
:*{{skill icon|Icy Veins}}
:*{{skill icon|Weapon of Quickening}}
'''Jagged MM'''
[build prof=N/Mo dea=12+1+3 sou=8+1 smi=10][Jagged Bones][Animate Bone Minions][Death Nova][Masochism][Putrid Bile][Smite Hex][Strength of Honor][Signet of Lost Souls][/build]
'''Prot Henschmen'''
{{mini skill bar|Life Sheath|Aura of Faith|Zealous Benediction}}
'''Variant 1 (for SolS Necro Healer):'''
{{mini skill bar|Signet of Lost Souls|Word of Healing|Heal Party|Cure Hex|Dwayna's Sorrow|Shield of Absorption|Protective Spirit|Aegis}}
'''Variant 2:'''
{{mini skill bar|Signet of Spirits|Strength of Honor}}
{{mini skill bar|Jagged Bones|Barbs|Enfeebling Blood|Rip Enchantment}}
== RA Shitter ==
[build prof=A/any dag=12+1+1 cri=12+1][Jagged Strike][Fox Fangs][Temple Strike][Death Blossom][Critical Strike][Optional][Optional][Resurrection Signet][/build]
{{skill icon|Optional}} 1:
:*{{skill icon|Critical Defenses}}
:*{{skill icon|Bonetti's Defense}}
:*{{skill icon|Critical Eye}}
:*{{skill icon|Bull's Strike}}
:*{{skill icon|Flurry}}
:*{{skill icon|Wild Blow}}
{{skill icon|Optional}} 2:
:*{{skill icon|Dash}}
:*{{skill icon|Rush}}
:*Zealous Daggers of Fortitude
:*Spear/Shield sets
[[User:Illoyon/A/WTemple Strike Pressure]]

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