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Avatar of Balthazar.jpg Avatar of Balthazar is Hook's favorite skill.
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Wounding Strike.jpg This User Pwns People in GvG and HA with A Derv.
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Mah Heroes Dood

THe SkiLL boXes are fROM DONT

  • Make sure you hide it once ur done cuz u wont be able to see mah User Boxes


Monk Elementalist Protection Masta
The Idea came from HB build actually, I replaced most of the things in the old build from condition way. The glyph is for energy management because in PvE missions fighting never stops.

Monk Elementalist WoH Monk
Giving a Healer Condition and Hex removal for great Balance of heal across the whole team in PvE. High Energy Management with signets in a Healer is a good thing, specially when heroes use this bar.
More builds to be added...


Assassin Warrior Unblockable... Unstoppable!
This is a cool build beacuse it has a beautiful damage control and stance\enchanment removal. Heroes use this well because it is straight forward Killing chain.
More builds to be added...


Warrior Monk A Gladiator
Technically this is a melee tanker and the only thing is that it has no conditon removal but still works pretty well.
More builds to be added...


Elementalist Dervish SF ele Burner
Hero Usage is Simple, Spamming burn condition. Some regeneration fromMystic Regen and enchantments from monks while in battle.
More builds to be added...

Me ingame

Me ingame is I Will Hook Ur Head, I run Gates of Madness, Droks and more stuff. I farm alot with all of my charaters. I love playing with other people because its really fun. PvE to me is money source. PvP, I do alot of HB, and little of RA when i get bored from HB, I do like to do Zaishen hunt currently trying to get a Phantom EvarLastIgn Toneek.

Sometimes I do other stuff like Zaishen key stuff and everlasting tonic farming.

El all About me

I was born in the Philippines, a small pacific island just like Hawaii. I love playing computer, I am in to playing piano and guitar. I love to eat Mexican food :). When we came to america I was so excited in coming here although i puked in my first plane ride.

I Love playing guild wars because I get to GvG, HB and TA all the time with all my guildies, I am currently in PNOY guild alliance beacuse i am a filipino!

I am currently in school. I am studying to be a Real Estate Broker/Agent. I love fish and meat. I also love brocolli when they are cooked. When I retire early I wish to be a Pro Gamer!

I luv to cook Hamburger as well.

Mah Sigs Foo!

el Signatoorez Awesomeness
el Signatoorez Holidayness
el Signatoorez Hot Ness


Great HB team (BB Spike Team)
Great HB build (OoV Suporter)
Okay HB team (Cripshooter Team) - Help improve please.
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