Way of the Assassin.jpg This users favorite profession is Assassin.
Heal Party.jpg This user has 21 characters.
Shadow Sanctuary.jpg This user's characters are all PvE made.
"You're All Alone!".jpg This user is a loner by nature.
Scorpion Wire.jpg This user likes unconventional skills and builds.
Critical Agility.jpg This user has beat ALL campains on his male Assassin.
Way of the Master.jpg This user is leader [and only member] of his own guild: LUCKYSTAR [Desu].
Masochism.jpg This user thinks he may be a masochist emotionally...
Gust.jpg This user's element is Wind.
Healing Ribbon.jpg This user likes the word "Ribbon."
Dash.jpg Physically, this user is only good at short distance sprints and long jumps.
Tease.jpg This user thinks girls don't like him.
Faction (Kurzick).jpg This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.

Favorite Elites
Palm Strike.jpg This user's favorite Assassin Elite is Palm Strike. JUUKEN!
Gust.jpg This user's favorite Elementalist Elite is Gust. Fear the power of Wind!
Punishing Shot.jpg This user's favorite Ranger Elite is Punishing Shot. Aim for the headshot!
Word of Healing.jpg This user's favorite Monk Elite is Word of Healing. Overused, but love the artwork.
Soul Bind.jpg This user's favorite Necromancer Elite is Soul Bind. Kneel before me!
Psychic Distraction.jpg This user's favorite Mesmer Elite is Psychic Distraction. Death by annoyance.
Ritual Lord.jpg This user's favorite Ritualist Elite is Ritual Lord. Master of the powers spiritual.
Zealous Vow.jpg This user's favorite Dervish Elite is Zealous Vow. Infinite energy ftw.
Stunning Strike.jpg This user's favorite Paragon Elite is Stunning Strike. Stunningly good at caster murder.

My Characters

NOTE: All my male characters came before my female characters, and this list is not in order by usability.

Hisoka Kazemeijin


My first character made and main overall. Has every Assassin skill and can fill almost any role an Assassin could have.

Main build:

Shadow Refuge Palm Strike Blinding Powder Twisting Fangs Golden Phoenix Strike Critical Strike Way of Perfection Unseen Fury

Subeta No Hyuga


My second character made and my second most used character. Main element is Air, but can run any element effectively with multiple builds for each.

Main build:

Shell Shock Gust Arc Lightning Lightning Touch Air Attunement Chilling Winds Gale Rust

All Hail Blarg


My Ritualist who specializes in Communing. Also has slightly above average Restoration capabilities.

Main builds:

Boon of Creation Pain Shadowsong Displacement Ritual Lord Dissonance Empowerment Mighty Was Vorizun

Weapon of Warding Spirit Light Life Recuperation Preservation Mend Body and Soul Boon of Creation Lively Was Naomei

Ansatsusha Aburame


My Ranger who specializes in Interrupting or Spiking down a target.

Main builds:

Troll Unguent Punishing Shot Distracting Shot Concussion Shot Read the Wind Favorable Winds Whirling Defense Charm Animal

Troll Unguent Needling Shot Dual Shot Concussion Shot Glass Arrows Conjure Lightning Lightning Reflexes Poison Tip Signet

Pretty Witch Onpu


My Mesmer who specializes in typical caster hate.

Main builds:

Ether Feast Simple Thievery Power Lock Power Drain Diversion Shame Shatter Enchantment Waste Not, Want Not

Ether Feast Power Block Power Drain Power Leak Diversion Shame Revealed Enchantment Waste Not, Want Not

Ether Feast Arcane Languor Power Drain Power Leak Diversion Shame Drain Enchantment Waste Not, Want Not

Hanaru Mind Shatter


My Mesmer who specializes in Interrupting and Disabling, as well as other roles a Mesmer can have, such as E-Denial.

Main build:

Ether Feast Signet of Distraction Psychic Distraction Power Drain Leech Signet Diversion Ether Signet Mantra of Inscriptions

Hinata Hyuga Is God


My Monk who specializes in Divine Favor, and can effectively heal, protect, and smite. He is also my 55.

Main builds:

Ethereal Light Dwayna's Kiss Words of Comfort Heal Party Glyph of Lesser Energy Holy Haste Healer's Boon Renew Life

Gift of Health Shield of Deflection Dismiss Condition Reversal of Fortune Glyph of Lesser Energy Spirit Bond Aegis Rebirth

I Flamehaze Shana I


My Necromancer who specializes in Anti-Martial Curses, as well as some healing powers and minor Minion Bombing.

Main build:

Signet of Lost Souls Spirit of Failure Spiteful Spirit Price of Failure Reckless Haste Insidious Parasite Parasitic Bond Shivers of Dread

Konakona Chan


My Warrior who specializes in tanking via Blocking and killing by degen. Hammer and Axe kill via KD and Spamming respectively.

Main builds:

Healing Signet Sever Artery Gash Quivering Blade "Watch Yourself!" Heart of Shadow Viper's Defense Shroud of Distress

Healing Signet Backbreaker Crushing Blow Belly Smash Mighty Blow Bonetti's Defense "For Great Justice!" Shroud of Distress

Maii Kawasumi


My Assassin who fights with Deadly Arts and can be a reliable interrupter with a bow.

Main build:

Shadow Refuge Siphon Strength Black Lotus Strike Wild Strike Death Blossom Black Spider Strike Impale Signet of Toxic Shock

Meijin No Byakugan


My Necromancer who is my all purpose MM. Has other builds with Curses and Blood Magic as well.

Main build:

Signet of Lost Souls Order of Undeath Animate Vampiric Horror Animate Bone Horror Blood of the Master Dark Bond Infuse Condition Mystic Regeneration

NOTE: This character would be named "Olimar And Pikmin [or something along those lines] if there was a rename feature.

Nintendo Is Power


My Warrior who specializes in damage dealing rather than tanking, but can tank via super high armor skills.

Main build:

Lion's Comfort Dismember Axe Rake Agonizing Chop Executioner's Strike Decapitate Flail "For Great Justice!"

Sandstorm Summoner


My Dervish who specializes in being a PBAoE bomb, as well as builds based on Wind Prayers.

Main builds:

Aura of Thorns Heart of Holy Flame Vital Boon Armor of Sanctity Mirage Cloak Pious Renewal Mystic Sandstorm Winds of Disenchantment

Natural Healing Zealous Sweep Radiant Scythe Victorious Sweep Lyssa's Assault Test of Faith Zealous Vow Pious Restoration

Spear Of Dark Flame


My all purpose Paragon. Can play multiple roles, but specializes in damage dealing rather than party buffs.

Main build:

Leader's Comfort Barbed Spear Stunning Strike "Go for the Eyes!" Anthem of Flame Aggressive Refrain Signet of Aggression Signet of Return

Studying Kills


My Dervish who specializes in quick spikes, as well as defensive fighting.

Main builds:

Meditation Wounding Strike Chilling Victory Crippling Sweep Attacker's Insight Heart of Fury Conjure Lightning Signet of Mystic Speed

Mystic Vigor Victorious Sweep Mystic Sweep Eremite's Attack Frigid Armor Conjure Frost Mirror of Ice Faithful Intervention

Tsubasa No Kani


My Paragon who specializes in general party support, both Offensive and Defensive.

Main builds:

Signet of Synergy Holy Spear "It's just a flesh wound." Ballad of Restoration Aria of Zeal "Watch Yourself!" "Shields Up!" Signet of Return

Spear of Lightning Vicious Attack "Go for the Eyes!" Anthem of Flame Anthem of Fury "Never Surrender!" Song of Concentration Signet of Return

The Lolicon


My Ritualist who specializes in Channeling Magic as well as having excellent Restoration abilities.

Main builds:

Spirit Light Ancestor's Rage Bloodsong Spirit Burn Gaze from Beyond Spirit Boon Strike Essence Strike Spirit Channeling

Spirit Light Spirit Light Weapon Mend Body and Soul Soothing Memories Weapon of Warding Life Rejuvenation Energetic Was Lee Sa

NOTE: SLW + Rejuvenation is equal to +21 uncapped regen. [+16 on NPCs]

X Sakura Kinomoto X


My Elementalist who specializes in either Air or Water Magic depending on the situation.

Main builds:

Glyph of Restoration Shock Arrow Lightning Javelin Lightning Strike Air Attunement Mind Shock Teinai's Wind Resurrection Chant

Ice Spear Icy Prism Vapor Blade Icy Shackles Water Attunement Frigid Armor Glyph of Lesser Energy Maelstrom

X Yue Ayase X


My Ranger who specializes in Beast Mastery, and can use a bow to kill via large degen.

Main builds:

Healing Signet Enraged Lunge Symbiotic Bond Call of Protection Call of Haste Otyugh's Cry Comfort Animal Charm Animal

Troll Unguent Burning Arrow Screaming Shot Distracting Shot Anthem of Envy Apply Poison Whirling Defense Song of Concentration

Xx Nagato Yuki Xx


My Monk who specializes in pure healing, protecting, or smiting.

Main builds:

Word of Healing Orison of Healing Dwayna's Kiss Healing Touch Signet of Rejuvenation Healing Seed Cure Hex Restore Life

Reversal of Fortune Dismiss Condition Shield of Absorption Glyph of Lesser Energy Shield of Regeneration Aegis Blessed Aura Divine Spirit

Word of Censure Bane Signet Stonesoul Strike Healing Touch Spear of Light Castigation Signet Blessed Aura Divine Spirit

Kurzick Spy

My only PvP only chara. Can run any build depending on the situation. Rarely used, she is almost always at Fort Aspenwood on the Luxon side.

Builds I wanna use

X Yue Ayase X

Stance Tank

Troll Unguent Earth Shaker Crude Swing Yeti Smash "On Your Knees!" Lightning Reflexes Dryder's Defenses "For Great Justice!"



Greatest AB ever.


[Desu] Guild Cape design.