• Lives currently in Denmark, was born in Germany 38 years ago.
  • Is an Admin on this wiki, mainly working on organizational issues and helping Gcardinal on the back end. Feel free to post questions and comments, in particular on how things work on PvXwiki, on his talk page.
  • Plays PvE only, with the following characters:
  • My ToDo list: Things that have to be done, thought about, discussed, ...
  • My Logbook: Some things that have been done
  • My Sandbox: Ignore it, it's just sand.
  • Draft for a Build Search Engine: Some ideas about organizing builds. Similar concepts might be implemented soon in the framework of the new Real vetting policy.
Rothwind Anadur
  • Profession: Ranger
  • Origin: Tyria
  • Progress: Protector of Tyria
  • Current occupation: Idle
  • ToDo: Titan Quests, Hard Mode, Explore high-level areas
Ariane la Curieuse
  • Profession: Paragon
  • Origin: Elona
  • Progress: Running around somewhere in Nightfall or EotN