This is me, not a vandal. No undos, please.

Goodbye. I've lost all interest in Guild Wars and this site has really just slowly declined in activity and users. If you want to contact me still, for people who want to play Pokemon or w/e, find me on IGN Blogs under Khaldrabeast. I continue my Pokemon strategy there for anyone who was interested, so feel free. Otherwise, just a few closing comments. I know I've never contributed greatly to the site, but I had my fun now and then, and my occasional srs bsns and learned useless internet chain language, which I'm sure is forever helpful. This site has really gone down the crapper as of late, so I really thought I may as well bail out why I can. And a few final updates:

  • I did get my R4, if I didn't post that already. I'll put my Pokemon Platinum Friend Code on IGN eventually
  • Since the R4 is endlessly fun, I really got bored of PvX and found something to keep me away from here, so I'm not going to power rage, just saying I don't see the point of PvX anymore.
  • I'm here, if you need a direct link.

Bye, have fun.

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