I am starting over from the beggining. I am only keeping 3 things, my account, Perma Shadow Scythe, and my sig. EVERYTHING ELSE I HAVE EVER MADE!!! Also, i am starting over with my newest build: Build:D/N Commercio . It will be hard to forget about the crazy guy and pretend like there's just a new user who made Perma Shadow Scythe, but try. I am doing this, because looking over all of my contributions, you guys must think i am a half brained, hi, crazy, autist. Well, I'm not and i need a fresh start, so Hi, I am Fire Tock, I am epic. awesome. crazy. forgetting my past. <that one will work.--FireTocksig2.jpgFireTock Rules! 18:51, 19 January 2009 (EST)

My Builds (after new beggining)

  • build:A/D Perma Shadow Scythe
  • build:D/N Commercio