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This user is primarily a PvP player.

Aura of Displacement.jpg This user worships Thus Ka.
GWiki This user is on Guildwiki at User:Edru viransu
GWW This user is on the official wiki at User:Edru viransu
Inspired Enchantment.jpg This user <3s inspired enchantment.
Savage Shot.jpg This user once interrupted Reversal of Fortune 4 times in one Zaishen Challenge match as a ranger.
QQ This user cares more about the good of the wiki than its policies.
/resign This user no longer plays GW and rarely visits PvX.

My IGN is Tiding of Melandru, if you want to whisper me or something. Assuming I ever actually get on.

I no longer play Guild Wars on a regular basis and rarely visit this wiki.

I used to be an admin, but I have retired from that position.