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{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Standing Slash.jpg]]|This user loves his sword.}}{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Defy Pain.jpg]]|This user won't go down easily.}}{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Enraging Charge.jpg]]|Don't anger this user, he will hunt you down.}}{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Magehunter Strike.jpg]]|This user is hated by enemy monks, dervishes, mesmers and assassins.}}{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Symbol of Wrath.jpg]]|This user is [[Ascended]] in all campaigns.}}{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Onslaught.jpg]]|This user has a thirst for bloodshed.}}{{user Kurzick}}{{user Warrior}}{{user PvE&PvP}}
{{user Warrior}}{{user Kurzick}}
{{User PvE&PvP}}
{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Enraging Charge.jpg]]|This user has increadible speed.}}
{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Leaping Mantis Sting.jpg]]|This user likes to cut of legs.}}
{{userbox|black|white|[[Image:Energy Boon.jpg]]|This user is [[Ascended]] in all campaigns.}}
{{userbox|blue|purple|[[Image:Shadow Form.jpg]]|This user is shrouded in mystery.}}
{{userbox|red|yellow|[[Image:Second Wind.jpg]]|This user thinks there should be a First Wind too.}}

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Standing Slash.jpg This user loves his sword.
Defy Pain.jpg This user won't go down easily.
Enraging Charge.jpg Don't anger this user, he will hunt you down.
Magehunter Strike.jpg This user is hated by enemy monks, dervishes, mesmers and assassins.
Symbol of Wrath.jpg This user is Ascended in all campaigns.
Onslaught.jpg This user has a thirst for bloodshed.
Faction (Kurzick).jpg This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Warrior-icon.png This user is a Warrior by nature.

This user plays both PvE & PvP.

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