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Yada Yada This user talks too much.
Elitists Anonymous My name is Defiant Elements and I have a problem.
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I'm goin' on vacation today, and I'm gonna be on vacation for the next two months or so. As such, Bureaucrat issues should be addressed to User:Auron and Sysop issues should be posted on either the PvXwiki:Admin Noticeboard or on another Admin's talk page.

  • I'm an Administrator and a Bureaucrat as well as a contributor on PvXWiki.
  • Reasons to contact me:
    • General Questions/Clarifications
    • Mediation
    • Issues requiring Sysop attention (i.e. page deletion, policy questions, banning, vote removal, page protection)
    • Issues requiring Bureaucrat attention (i.e. RfAs, Bot privileges, "No Confidence" votes)
  • While I have submitted a number of builds and was heavily involved in the vetting process on GuildWiki's build namespace, and while I will continue to remain involved to a degree, my focus on PvX is policy related and managerial. Do note however that when I do submit a build, while I want it to succeed, I normally care more about innovation than about making a build that's gonna get into the "Great" category.
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  • For anyone currently using IE, I would advise them to peruse the information contained in this link: Internet Explorer Sucks
  • If you get into a dispute with me, keep these two things in mind:
  1. I am always right.
  2. If you suspect me of being wrong, refer to point #1 :P
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Defiant Elements' Word of the Day

Yclept (ih-klept' or ih-kleept') called; named -- past participle of clepe (kleep) v.t. call; name [from Old English clipian "to speak, call" related to Old Frissian kleppa "to ring, knock"].

Mgrinshpon's Leet Build of the Whenever
Ray of Judgment Reversal of Damage Death's Charge Viper's Defense Heart of Shadow Shadow Refuge Dark Escape Feigned Neutrality

The Shadow Judgment assassin attempts to combine the Guild Wars world's two greatest foes- Area of Effect damage and shadow stepping: and succeeds admirably. Combining degen in the form of burning is just a cherry on the top of this sundae of decadent bravery.

This gem comes from the festering filth-hole we all know and love: the PvX authors. Not the "my wife's little sister is pretty hot" kind of love and impure thoughts but the "me and you, with a half-empty bottle of Baccardi, a 40 weight, and wearing nothing but contented smiles" kind of love. The kind of love that only the Shadow Judgment assassin and the original brave man-creator can give to you. Now, the author has since been lost to the annals of PvX:WELL but rest assured that this bad boy will just pop right in behind you and judge you for all you're worth.

Originally found on PvX. For more builds of top notch quality, see here.

Addendum: my apologies for taking so long to update this.

User:Ibreaktoilets/Gimmick of the Month

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"Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"

Some ideas/code used on this page originated from these pages:

  • Layout and coding stolen from Barek, and he got inspiration from:
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