I believe that the Wikis for Guild Wars are not of quality.

I believe that the main reason for this is that the people who are active on it, are territorial about the website for some reason; don't want other people to change it too much, and don't tolerate people who try.

This being the case, admins often overlook the malicious action of people who "fit in" with the community, while in other situations, will ban someone with in-adequate, inappropriate, and biased justifications.

It is doomed to stay this way forever, though, since a single, prejudiced, territorial community seems to have control over it, and will not let it change.

These people will not let builds up if they are different from what they are used to seeing - without giving any regard to it's effectiveness, although they say they do.

Of course, many people are like that in almost every aspect of life - it's a shame that they latched on so tightly to this website.

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