ok i changed my 6 month old user page. are you happy?

go head and flame me some more - I LIKE IT!!! mmmm the heat.

"abuses of administrator power simply do not happen" -PvXwiki:Administrators

people on this site do not follow the rules - the rules are there to give people the freedom to post quality things and to give a guide-line to a quality website. But many times, a user is flamed and flamed and flamed, even when they're activity on wiki is constructive and well-intentioned.

When that user tries to justify himself - or try to point out the un-productivity of flaming - he is flamed more. And sometimes, even almost often, banned.

This is immaturity - something common in young children but rampant on this website. It breaks multiple rules that can be found in PvXwiki:Policy, but is always ignored, often promoted, and very often even enacted by the "admins."

Most mature intelligent people forget about interacting with other people on the site at this point - which further hinders the growth and development of the site.

People who actually want to participate in the wiki, and who post things that are different from what people are used to seeing are actively and maliciously flamed, without consequence from the admins.

It is doomed to stay this way forever, though, since a single, prejudiced, territorial community seems to have control over it, and will not let it change.

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