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* [[User:PVX-Thunda|Thunda]]
* [[User:PVX-Thunda|Thunda]]
=== Foreign representant of homosexual minorities ===
=== Foreign representative of homosexual minorities ===
* [[User:Chaos|Dandy]]
* [[User:Chaos|Dandy]]

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This policy governs admittance to the PvX Cabal, also known as the Cool Kids. Entry into the group is very selective and a user must meet several criteria before being accepted.

The Cool Kids serve not to improve PvX or to control it directly, but rather to drum up drama and drive public opinion until our goals are accomplished indirectly. However, due to the collective power that the Cool Kids have managed to gather, it often takes very little time for them to accomplish a task, often serving to appear as though they do, in fact, control the ranks of the wiki.

Currently, Auron is the only effective counter against the Cool Kids. Using Auron against a member of the Cool Kids will be super effective and will often result in an instant KO.

Requirements for entry

  1. All applicants must show no clear signs of autism, other than the autism that is naturally associated with participating in conversations on PvX.
  2. All applicants must suck Danny's dick.
    1. Sucking KJ's, Frosty's, Misery's, and Lau's dicks will be considered when an applicant is being reviewed, but doing so is not a substitute for sucking Danny's dick.
    2. Not sucking Crow's dick will not immediately result in rejection, but failure to do so will be viewed negatively.
  3. All applicants must find racism, rape, homosexuality, and intoxicated occurrences to be both funny and a part of their everyday lives.
  4. Applicants should no longer play Guild Wars actively, but doing so does not automatically result in a refusal.
  5. All applicants should think kittens are adorable, Journey is an incredible band, and The Millionaires are the epitome of high-quality music in the United States.
  6. All applicants should understand that civc.
  7. Applicants must have MSN in order to discuss cabal-related activities outside of the wiki.

The requirements list is not complete and not all requirements will be disclosed to the public. Meeting all of the above requirements does not guarantee entry into the Cool Kids.

Current Members

High Sorcerer

Administrator of Corruption

Herdswoman of Poros

Secretary of Sexual Encounters

Secretary of Bunnies

Secretary of AIDS

Foreign representative of homosexual minorities

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