My PVP and PVP handles are mostly chemistry themed: Ferrum Durable, Argentum Nova, and Aurum Suncracker Sulphur Burn....

I've been playing off and on since launch when me and my friend bought prophecies to play together.

More character info soon...


I am concerned with the problem of the RA/AB tags. Those arenas are unique in that almost any build can go ten rounds multiple times. Yet people still hold the builds posted for RA/AB to the same standards as TA/GVG/HA so many viable builds get 0-0-0'd. On one hand I hate to see build bias and on the other hand I hate RA.

Current favorite build

Rust Freezing Gust Shard Storm Blurred Vision Glyph of Lesser Energy Symbols of Inspiration Water Attunement Resurrection Signet

Thinking about skill combos

Cultist's fervor and resilient weapon.

Useful Stuff

Att. point guide: Awesome templates

Awesome templates


  • My Sandbox:[[1]].
  • My Builds:[[2]].
  • The Consolidation Project:[[3]].
  • Archived builds or (Builds that got trashed and deleted but I keep them here because I think they have merit or want to test them later.):[[4]].
  • Token, "How I'd fix bad skills and mechanics" page:[[5]].
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