[build prof=any/any][Optional][Optional][Optional][Optional][Optional][Optional][Optional][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>


{{User:Choytw/Hidden_With_Usage2|skill 1|skill 2|skill 3|skill 4|skill 5|skill 6|skill 7|skill 8|
[build prof=Primary/Secondary attribute1=12+1+1 attribute2=10+1 attribute3=8][skill 1][skill 2][skill 3][skill 4][skill 5][skill 6][skill 7][skill 8][/build]
| firstTitle = <!--if you want the title to be other than USAGE-->
| firstBody = <!--what will show up beneath {{{firstTitle}}}-->
| secondTitle = <!--if you want the title to be other than GEAR-->
| secondBody = <!--what will show up beneath {{{secondTitle}}}-->
| C1 = <!--enter  collapsed  if you want an initially collapsed skill box-->
| C2 = <!--include this and enter nothing if you want bottom sections to not be collapsed initially-->
| scrollSize = <!--number without the parenthesis) - size of scrolling box. default is 80-->
| scroll = <!--enter  auto  to enable scrolling-->
| background = <!--#background color - default is transparent-->
| firstBodyBackground = <!--#background color of bottom sections - default is transparent-->
| foreground = <!--#foreground color - if left out, will be background color or, if background-->
               <!--color is left out, default is transparent-->
| bodyForeground = <!--#bodyForeground color - if left out, will be foreground, or, if left out-->
                   <!--will be background color, or, if left out, will be transparent-->
| borderWidth = <!--insert number here without parenthesis)px - width of border in pixels-->
| borderColor = <!--#color of border-->
| width = <!--insert number here without parenthesis)px - width of box - default is 370-->
| nothingElse = none <!--if you don't want the lower hidden sections to appear-->
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