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Choytw's Table of Contents

1. Builds I Use for Duo UW
2. How to Kill Smites
3. Available For
4. Helpful Links
5. Things I've Made
6. My Build Ideas
8. My Other Loves
9. Builds I'm Testing
10. Personal Phrases
11. Thought Inducing Quote

Helpful Links
1. Attribute Points Quick Reference
2. Style and Formatting
3. Wiki Formatting
4. Parser Functions

Things I've Made
1. Userboxes
2. Customized TOC
3. Submitted builds
4. Signatures
5. Customizable Hidden Skill Box

If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one? President Abraham Lincoln---
1. Animator vs Animation

My Hobbies
1. Classical Guitar... and here's a chick who does it far better than I ever will...although I do play a mean Romance De Amor!
2. Programming
3. Stargate SG-1
5. And arguing... ;-)

Builds I'm Testing
1. WotM Scythe
2. Frustrating Interruptions
3. Channeling Spammer
4. Stunning Strike

Annoying as Hell
Personal Phrases
Sometimes all that is required to make something work is knowing that it does.

Builds I Use for Duo UW

How to Kill Smites
9 times out of 10, the SS I'm with is a royal pain in the ass by being slow at killing smites (5 minutes to kill??...give me a break!). So...not that this will get seen, but this is my effort to remedy the situation.
Process to kill smites (group >= 3)
1. Cast a Visage on the monk
2. Immediately followed by casting Arcane Echo (go ahead and hit 'C' to target a foe)
3. Once the recharge on the first Visage is at the 3 o'clock position, cast SS
4. Immediately followed by another Visage on the Monk. As you're casting the Visage,
hit 'C' then tab. This will target a new, non-hexed foe.
5. Immediately followed by the second SS on the new foe.
Even without using reckless haste, the smites will be dead a second after the last visage runs out. If you try this and it doesn't work, just know that it DOES work (sometimes knowing that something works is all that is required to be able to make it work), you're getting the timing wrong. If they smite the first SS, that means you cast it too early BE PATIENT. If they're still alive after the skills wear off, then you're casting too late DON'T BE SO PATIENT ;-).

Available For:
I love going to the UW as either a 55 or SS. I started going as a 55 until I got irritated with necs who couldn't kill smites...so I created one and can kill a group of 3 smites just as fast as a group of 10 (about 12-15 seconds starting from the first Visage cast). If on and not PVPing or helping a Guild Member, I will be more than happy to go with you as either role.

My Build Ideas

for reference

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