Chewbacca Defense

The Chewbacca defense is a fictional legal strategy used in the South Park episode "Chef Aid", which premiered on October 7, 1998, as the fourteenth episode of the second season. The concept satirized attorney Johnnie Cochran's closing argument defending O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. "Chewbacca Defense", meaning a defense consisting solely of nonsensical arguments meant to confuse a jury, has since been occasionally applied outside of references to South Park. [1]


  • Angry Businessmens [aB]
  • Thousend Tigers Apund Your Head [Ttgr]


Shadow Prison Black Spider Strike Twisting Fangs Disrupting Dagger Purge Signet Restful Breeze Dash Expunge Enchantments
Signet of Agony Well of the Profane Burning Speed Chilblains Flame Djinn's Haste Contagion Dark Aura Death Nova
Grasping Earth Glyph of Sacrifice Meteor Shower Flame Burst Flame Djinn's Haste Assassin's Promise Fire Attunement Aura of Restoration
Soul Barbs Scourge Healing Scourge Enchantment Corrupt Enchantment Parasitic Bond Insidious Parasite Enfeeble Defile Flesh
Jagged Bones Animate Bone Minions Conviction Infuse Condition Dark Bond Putrid Flesh Death Nova Mystic Regeneration
Enraging Charge Mokele Smash Hammer Bash Crushing Blow Renewing Smash Flourish Healing Signet Sprint
Soul Barbs Recurring Insecurity Phantom Pain Parasitic Bond Wastrel's Worry Enfeeble Insidious Parasite Shatter Delusions
Enchanter's Conundrum Shatter Delusions Power Spike Shatter Enchantment Power Drain Overload Mind Wrack Spirit Shackles

Word of Healing Signet of Devotion Healing Touch Deny Hexes Mend Condition Divine Spirit Mending Touch Pious Haste
Infuse Health Grenth's Balance Protective Spirit Draw Conditions Plague Touch Blood Renewal Reverse Hex Resurrection Signet
Rip Enchantment Grenth's Balance Enfeeble Parasitic Bond Insidious Parasite Faintheartedness Signet of Lost Souls Resurrection Signet
Devastating Hammer Crushing Blow "On Your Knees!" Mokele Smash Whirling Defense Lightning Reflexes Healing Signet Resurrection Signet
Auspicious Incantation Conjure Nightmare Phantom Pain Caretaker's Charge Channeled Strike Mighty Was Vorizun Ether Feast Optional

To Test


Oath Shot Whirling Defense Pin Down Apply Poison Distracting Shot Troll Unguent Debilitating Shot Optional

LAME Builds

Shadow Walk Tease Distortion Ether Phantom Power Drain Discharge Enchantment Spirit of Failure Resurrection Signet
Cultist's Fervor Dark Aura Divine Boon Protective Spirit Mending Touch Reversal of Fortune Deny Hexes Signet of Devotion


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