Builds I've Made

Build: W/E Conjuring Striker -- A classic axe build.

Build: E/Any Ether Air Spiker -- Who'd have though armor penetration could actually make a noticable difference?

Build:Me/N Crying Hexer -- So far there are complaints against this for not being just another echoing cryer build. Come on people, when will you learn that 1 skill bars are stupid. Echoing things is OP. I wish Arcane Echo and Echo were never invented.

Build: Rt/R Spirit's Spiker -- Trashed so far for using communing rather than channeling... a choice meant to increase survivability and party support over simple minded damage.

Build: Rt/Mo Consuming Resto Rit -- People don't seem to understand that this one is for much more than getting rid of enemy minions.

Build:Team 600 - Mesmer/Smite Ooze Runner -- Really a better build for CoF than it is for ooze pit. Still functional in ooze pit, but not as good as some monk options.

Build: W/P Saving Rage-agon -- Like a paragon, but on a warrior with an axe.

My Characters

Mesmer Commander Fwiffo

Warrior Captain Bulldozer

Ritualist Hero of the Ori

Elementalist Madame Flamerunner

Monk Exile of the Ori

Ranger Lord Palmerstein

Assassin The Canthan Blade

Necromancer Lady Junkpunch

Paragon Attia Flamesprayer

Dervish Major Fleshwound


Servants of the Dragon Flames