About Me

  • I am a mathematician by trade, working in mostly Finite group theory and combinatorics, but occasionally I dabble in things like Graph Theory and Algebraic Topology as well.
  • I have educational degrees in pure mathematics (MA with a PhD in progress), philosophy (BA), history (minor) and political science (minor). Suffice it to say that I have a wide range of interests.
  • I was first published at the age of 20, as a 3rd year undergraduate.
  • I play guild wars in my spare time and have been addicted to it for a long time. Unlike many trolls on PvX, I actually still play the game pretty much daily.
  • I have done just about everything there is to do in PvE (except maxing various titles) on different characters of varying professions. I don't have a main, as I prefer all 10 professions at different times. Amazingly, I still enjoy the game and will continue to play it. See below for a list of my characters.
  • I think PvX is full of asshats and trolls, but I try not to be one of them. Occasionally I fail at this. If I do, my apologies.
  • I like helping out new people in GW and still occasionally farm charr in pre-searing for the uber hot grapes.

Builds I've Made

  • There are a lot of builds on PvX, and most of the best ideas are already taken. Many of my builds are intended to give certain professions options which the general PvX community have ignored or dismissed as inferior. Some are just stupid ideas I had during a break from proving theorems. Read at your own risk.

Build: R/any Prepared Shooter -- Pew Pew in PvE

Build: D/E Corrupting Clapper -- Probably trash, but causes a LOT of dazing.

Build:E/any Ether Air Spiker -- Who'd have though armor penetration could actually make a noticable difference? Answer: Me. But I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

Build: E/Rt Ether Restorer -- Heroes run it reasonably well, but I think it might be inferior to an E/Mo version of the same idea.

Build: Me/E Burdening Confuser -- Its mostly for the lols anyway, but heroes might use it effectively.

Build: Me/E Recovering Cryer -- I think copying skills with echo and arcane echo is dumb, but we all know it can be really effective. This attempts to do so with more efficiency than the standard Echo-chain.

Build:Me/N Crying Hexer -- So far there are complaints against this for not being just another echoing cryer build. Come on people, when will you learn that 1 skill bars are stupid. Echoing things is OP. I wish Arcane Echo and Echo were never invented.

Build: N/any Discordant Technobabbler -- A very polarizing build... surprising for something with pretty consistent 60DPS...

Build: Rt/R Spirit's Spiker -- Trashed so far for using communing rather than channeling... a choice meant to increase survivability and party support over simple minded damage.

Build: Rt/Mo Consuming Resto Rit -- People don't seem to understand that this one is for much more than getting rid of enemy minions.

Build:Team 600 - Mesmer/Smite Ooze Runner -- Really a better build for CoF than it is for ooze pit. Still functional in ooze pit, but not as good as some monk options.

Build: W/P Saving Rage-agon -- Like an imbagon... sort of, but on a warrior with an axe for some extra damage.

Build: W/E Conjuring Striker -- A classic Axe build, mainly for heroes in PvE.

My Characters

Mesmer Commander Fwiffo

Warrior Captain Bulldozer

Ritualist Hero of the Ori

Elementalist Madame Flamerunner

Monk Exile of the Ori

Ranger Lord Palmerstein

Assassin The Canthan Blade

Necromancer Lady Junkpunch

Paragon Attia Flamesprayer

Dervish Major Fleshwound


Servants of the Dragon Flames

My Signature

Link to My Signature Page -- Go here to get an idea of how to create a signature like mine. I put

{{subst:User:Captain Bulldozer/Sig}} 

into my custom signature box (in preferences) so that this is automatically my signature.